So Long, Farewell

In the last four years, I’ve written about morning sickness, miscarriage, two baby bundles of joy, and tantrums galore.  My boys have gone from six pounds and change to twenty pounds plus.  I’ve gotten loads of good advice on everything from handling motion sickness to getting babies to sleep through the night.   It’s been a fantastic way to capture what’s happening in our lives, and to connect with others going through the same thing.

And now, it’s time for us to say goodbye.

It’s not you, it’s me.  Really.

As my boys get closer to school age, it feels like the story about their childhoods is not mine to tell – and they’re not yet old enough to give me permission.  Of course, the story about my life as a mother hasn’t ended, and I’m sure I’ll still tell that, too.  It’s just that, for me, right now, it’s not something that I want to be telling on a regular, immediate, real time schedule, here, at Babble.  That, and I’d like to spend what free time I do have outside of work, folding laundry, and figuring out the complex mix of childcare that makes our lives go, doing other things – building Lego pirate ships with Axel,  boarding imaginary trains with Jonas, date nights with Sean, going to bed at a reasonable hour, baking cookies for birthday parties.  I’ll still be writing, perhaps even a few things for Babble, just not here, at Knocked Up.

I’ll miss you, those of you I know in real life and those of you I only know through the online world, and all of your comments.  And now, it’s time to close up the laptop, put it up for awhile, and read a real, old fashioned picture book to my boys.

So long, and thanks for reading.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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