So, What’s so Wrong with Being Wishy-Washy?

I’m a very wishy-washy person.  I’ve never held many strong convictions.  I’m not very opinionated about anything.  I can almost always see both sides of any given situation. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with simply being happy and content. I get along with most everyone because I’m generally non-confrontational. I’m pretty malleable. I can fit in with all sorts of people. I’m content to follow along.

“Would you like to eat here or there?”
“I don’t care.”
“Well, which one do you prefer?”
“It doesn’t really matter to me.”

“How do you feel about this topic in the news?”
“Well, I can understand both sides.”
“But who do you think is right?”
“I don’t know. It’s not for me to judge.

“Would you like this color or that?”
“I don’t care. It doesn’t make a difference to me.”

I don’t say that I don’t care because I’m afraid to speak my mind; it just truly doesn’t matter to me. I hate making decisions.  I hate having a lot of choices.  I make snap decisions because most of the time, I don’t think my decisions make much of a difference in the whole scheme of things. My mom and my sister, on the other hand, agonize over every selection they make.  They can spend months shopping for the perfect dress. Picking out paint colors for the family room inevitably ends up being a year-long project.  Me? I don’t much care one way or the other and do “eeny meeny miney mo” more often than not.

However, when it comes to this online dating stuff, I’m finding that my wishy-washiness is not at all beneficial. Unlike about 99% of the people on the site, I’m not looking for some elusive “soulmate”. I don’t think there’s one perfect person out there for you. I think you can have a good relationship with any number of people. You just need to find someone who is similar enough and choose to love them. So how do I begin to weed through all the guys when I think, “Eh, he seems cute/nice/interesting/funny about at least half of them.

I married the first guy who came along despite the many warnings from friends and family. (I may or may not be so stubborn that I do stupid things just to prove that I can.) This is one area in which I will NOT be making a snap decision. I won’t make the mistake of jumping into a relationship like that again. So, I end up having conversations with everyone because, I like talking to people, and I think I can have a fun time with just about anyone, and well, because you just never know. And it’s taking up way too much of my time. So, I cancelled my membership and as soon as it runs out, I’m done with the whole online dating thing. It’s just not for me. I think this wishy-washy girl simply needs to get a cat to keep her company in her old age.

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