Am I a Soccer Mom?

I’m not sure how we got so heavy-handed with sports this month, but Wito is currently participating in a youth basketball league, spring soccer, and tennis lessons. We’ve basically gone from simple park playdates to a significant part of our week devoted to practices, games and lessons.

I don’t mind the schlepping back and forth in the car or the numerous visits to sporting good stores or THE FEES because Wito enjoys it. (Although, I must say that he enjoys the social aspect of team sports more than the actual PLAYING of the team sports…his athletic ability is a bit questionable, but hey, he’s only five, and this subject needs to be saved for an entirely different post.)

This is all to say that I’ve definitely been feeling the soccer mom vibe as of late. The loads of equipment rolling around the back of my car, the empty snack-size packages of fruit chew snacks littered across my floorboards; hell, I now need to add “early morning weekend soccer games” to my growing list of why I can’t drink more than one glass of wine during date nights with my husband. (Wine hangover + soccer fields at 8am on Saturday = DISLIKE.)

I know this is just the start – at this point, I only have one child participating in sports. What happens when little Wita starts up? She’s already dribbling the soccer ball better than her brother, and I know it’s just a matter of time. Double the games, double the equipment, double the time.

I googled the term “soccer mom” yesterday and found this description. A soccer mom has no life outside her children and their activities. I found this a little offensive because a) I have quite a life outside my child’s athletic activities (You know, uh, when I’m not driving to and from practices), and b) well, that’s just depressing. Is this truly the case?

What do you think of the term “soccer mom?” (And the above description?) For the record, I consider myself a “mom,” plain and simple.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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