Social Media, Blogging and Ariel Can Help You Come Out of Your Shell

Social Media, Blogging and Ariel Can Help You Find Your VoiceThis post is sponsored by Disney’s Find Your Voice contest. Visit the official contest site to see how you can use your voice to win a trip to LA for a VIP experience and other great prizes!

Despite writing online for years, it took me quite some time to find my voice. I felt a bit like a fish out of water, because as a TV host that also was also a parenting blogger, I defied traditional ways of classifying what I did. Plus, I had grown up in another country and my brain works in two languages, so I never really fit in. I felt like an outsider many times, but it didn’t trouble me at all.

Social media changed all that. It brought me closer to people who “get me” and get what I do. Then my first social media conference came along, and my online friends became my offline buddies. It was February 2010, at Walt Disney World, of all places, where you see the power of one man’s dream. There, during Disney Social Media Moms, I realized it was okay to let my voice shine through and that it could be very powerful.

Months later, I went to BlogHer for the first time, and it was also life-changing. Little did I know that there lay the building blocks of my new path, inspired by so many amazing bloggers and people who were changing the world one post at a time. No longer did I feel like an outsider, wishing to be fully part of a world that I saw from afar. I realized that within that circle of friends that first met on Twitter was the world where I could fully express my voice.

As a mom, I avoid silencing Michael and Sofia, my kids. I keep encouraging my children to find their voice, to find their passion, and to try their best whenever they do something. My son loves basketball and is a great team player. My daughter, on the other hand, loves music, singing, and dancing. When she was younger, we used to watch The Little Mermaid all the time and the sequels, too. “Part of Your World” always got to me because of that sense of wondering how it would feel to fit into a different world, to get answers to questions others weren’t asking, to dare to do what others hadn’t, and to voice that you want more.

Turns out “Part of Your World” also inspires my daughter. She decided to sing her own version a capella, proving once more she is so much braver than I am and that even at seven, she has no problem finding her voice even if she has never taken singing lessons. Here is her rendition of this beautiful song.

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If you love to sing or have a child that has a beautiful voice, make sure to enter Disney “Find Your Voice” contest for your chance to share your voice!


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