Some Things I Do To Live Smartly & Simply

Levi's Midrise
You'd feel a lot better about this food truck if you could see the line behind me. 🙂 This joint at the Red Hook Ball Fields sells the best pupusas in New York.

A reader once asked what I do to live simply, as I have referred to that before.  (I’m a huge fan of being smart and self-reliant over blowing money on things that are unnecessary.)

Well, we are certainly not perfect at this. But, we try.  After the jump, see a few things that Danny and I do to live smartly and simply (and then, if you have any suggestions, we’d LOVE to hear them in the comments!):

  • Furnishing a Home With Used Items 1 of 8
    Furnishing a Home With Used Items
    Most things in our home are from Craigslist, from the streets of Brooklyn, or they were free.
    photo source: Rebecca Baust
  • Inexpensive Date Nights 2 of 8
    Inexpensive Date Nights
    We don't need to spend a ton of money to have a wonderful date. So we usually just keep them simple. i.e. We often go to Chipotle 🙂 I can get a gluten free meal + it's super filling. We actually even split one of those burrito bowls.
  • I’m Not A Frequent Shopper 3 of 8
    I'm Not A Frequent Shopper
    Most everything I own was gifted, free, or from Harvey Faircloth, the business that I used to own. I just find that clothes can be so wasteful + it takes so much time to shop. I guess New York knocked some sense into me. Every minute in this city counts, and there are way better things to do with my time than shop. 🙂
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  • Finding Inexpensive Staples 4 of 8
    Finding Inexpensive Staples
    Since I don't shop often, when I do shop I want something that fits well and will last a long time. My last pair of jeans was purchased when I first met Danny 3 years ago. So I was happy to get some new Mid Rise Skinny Jeans from Levi's. They were the perfect fit - AND they only cost me $34.99 (on sale.) That's my kind of purchase.
  • Cooking From Home 5 of 8
    Cooking From Home
    I totally scored in this department, but Danny is an awesome cook. But he mostly cooks with inexpensive ingredients and makes lots of variations of beans & rice. 🙂 It's our favorite thing to eat.
  • No Magazines or Subscriptions 6 of 8
    No Magazines or Subscriptions
    There is plenty to look at online. Plus, magazines just seem to be a waste of materials. So, I don't have a stack of these coming to my door each month.
  • No Gym Membership 7 of 8
    No Gym Membership
    These are not cheap in New York. And besides, we have gorgeous parks in New York. So, I skip the sweaty gyms and get all my exercise outdoors. It's nice to get fresh air and sunshine, too.
    photo source
  • Netflix 8 of 8
    We often watch movies at home instead of in a theater. Danny sets up the laptop on our bed sometimes...and we'll make popcorn on the stovetop. It's one of my most favorite things to do.

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