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sony handycam giveaway
We have not one but TWO of these supercool Sony Handycams to give away. Yeehaw!

A big thanks to Sony for sponsoring this discussion and the fun HANDYCAM GIVEAWAY (see end of this blog post for details on how to enter to win one of the TWO Handycams up for grabs.)

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I was definitely an early adopter to the digital video and still photography trend, and my very first digital camera  – back in 1999 or so – was a ginormous Sony Mavica. I absolutely loooooved the wonderfully boxy and magical thing, was thrilled to have it (my employer at the time provided it), and despite its size, I carried it with me everywhere. At a very early age, my kids became used to Mama’s constant digital capture of every (semi)cute and (even moderately) interesting thing they did.

My next digital still/video camera – the first one I  bought with my own $$$ – was also a Sony. I had been very happy with the Sony Mavica, but did want one of the newer, smaller models that used the “memory stick” instead of a big ol’ floppy disk, and after doing a lot of research (and also at my father’s recommendation, since he was a skilled amateur photographer who had just bought his second Sony digital), I upgraded  in about 2003 to a Sony Cyber-shot model. I couldn’t believe how sleek and small the thing it was, and it had a whopping 3.2 megapixels! Yowza!

Not only did I love the Cyber-shot’s still photo capabilities, I also loved that I could shoot and store little videos of my children with the Cyber-shot memory stick, and even though I shot quite a few photos with the Mavica, the Cyber-shot was a game-changer. I was soon somewhat obsessed with taking digital photo and videos and learning to use various editing tools that were becoming increasingly available to even amateurs like me.

Below is an example of one of my little digital video creations — a mash-up from our clan’s 2011 annual trip to the beach to  Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. (We alternate between going to Edisto and Pawley’s each year, although with my little sister Betsy so very sick right now, I don’t know if we will get to go at all this summer…)

Check out how much fun we had last year, and how cool is it that we now have this digital video memory to keep and enjoy forever?  After I edited the video snippets together, I overlaid it with a “vintage” editing effect, to make it look like a Super 8 video (something I am aware lots of folks,  like MY HUSBAND (!!), find tremendously annoying). But I had fun doing it.

For your reference, here are the various “chapters” in my little video from Pawley’s Island 2011:

Part 1 NC and C playing in the sand

Part 2 C doing what she calls her “freeze dance”

Part 3 Cousins, C, NC and N jumping the waves

Part 4 (best part!) NC’s daddy trying to teach her to skimboard. She’s only THREE!

Part 5 Our family did some special things together to honor and remember our Henry at the beach last year our first beach trip together since he died. One of them was the “First Annual Henry Memorial Pablo the Seagull Calling Contest.” Henry looooved feeding seagulls, and for some inexplicably Henry-humor reason, he liked calling many of them variations on the name “Pablo.” Our contest which will now be an annual event with awards given out involved having all the cousins go out onto the beach with bread and attempt to get the seagulls to behave in various ways. I caught snippets of the start of the event.


While I am no “real” photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I do truly enjoy taking pix and video, and editing and sharing them, and I like to think that one day, when my kids look back at the tens of thousands of still and moving images I have saved for them in various places (you can find me on Flickr and Instagram and Facebook and YouTube and Pinterest…), they will be really glad that I made them pose for all those shots!

And now for the truly fun part of this blog post; I already mentioned that we are big Sony photography fans in our family (I actually forgot to mention that my husband Jon also really loves his little Sony compact digital), which is why I am so psyched that along with several of my Babble Voices compatriots, WE HAVE NOT ONE, BUT  TWO SONY HANDYCAMS TO GIVE AWAY to two lucky Babble readers! Woohoo!

As much as I am legitimately a longtime Sony fan, I’d never actually had the chance to try out one of their line of Handycams. However, Sony was nice enough to recently send Jon and me one of their  newest line of  Sony Handycams to try out, and I am being completely honest when I tell you that both Jon and I are blown away by how much we love this camera. (Jon is slightly obsessed with the thing, actually.) It’s by far my favorite digital camera I have ever used.

Not only is this camera about the size of my (small) hand, making it easy to port along in a pocket, diaper bag or purse, it shoots unbelievably high quality stills and videos, plus – and this is possibly my favorite part – it can PROJECT the photos and video you shoot if you want to share with others. So, like, you can actually use the Handycam to create home movies, and then project them onto a wall, screen or even a sheet hung up on a tree outside to have family movie night. How neat-o is that?

And here are TWO ways that you can enter for the chance to win one of these awesome Sony Handcams:

1 –  Leave a comment below this post or below any of our other Babble Sony Handycam Giveaway posts telling us about your own favorite family memory, and what makes it so special to you. The Sony Handycam Giveaway contest runs through 11:59 p.m. EDT on September 30th, 2012, and you may enter with ONE comment on each of the Sony giveaway posts at Babble (but remember, that still means you can leave one comment on each of them!) The contest is open to U.S. residents only, and each of the winners of the two Sony Handycams will be selected randomly from all qualified comments/entries on all of Babble’s Sony Handycam Giveaway posts.


2 –  Enter to win here for weekly prizes like a Sony Handycam or a $200 Disney shopping card.

 So what are y’all waiting for? Go enter to win! I want one of my readers to bring home one of these awesome Handycams.





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