Spoiler Alert: Two Characters are Going to Die on This Season of ‘Mad Men’

But that wasn’t the spoiler. The spoiler is WHO?


(Which I don’t know. So calm the hell down.)

But yes, it’s true. At least according to reputable E! dot com. (You know it’s trustworthy, what with the exclamation point and all.) The Mad Men season 6 skinny:

Fortunately for you, we’ve seen the episode and can assure you it’s worth the wait! Here are five things you can expect to see: a wedding, two deaths, Megan rocking several colorful bikinis, a dramatic physical transformation from Betty and one character dropping an F-bomb (is that even allowed on AMC?!). As for the finale’s big question—did Don cheat on Megan?—let’s just say that will no longer be a question by the end of the two-hour premiere.

Oooh intriguing, am I right?

So place your bets now! Who dies? And further, who’s getting married? Or, I guess: who do you WISH would die and/or get married on Mad Men?

My picks to get the axe?



For crimes against patterned clothing and general whiney-annoyingness. Plus, Zou Bisou Bisou, anyone? *shudder*



MMS6-Henry-590x375HENRY FRANCIS.

For being boring, and also dumb enough to marry Betty. There oughta be a law, or a Surgeon General’s Warning, or something.



Interesting, isn’t it, that they made the new spouses of Don and Betty so dreadfully unlikeable? I mean, not that Don OR Betty are likeable themselves (nor are a lot of other characters on the show), but still, regarding both Megan and Henry: DO NOT WANT.

All I have to say is that they’d better not touch one hair on the heads of Joan or Peggy, or WRATH! FIRE AND WRAAAATH!

As for the wedding… well, I’m stumped. What do you think? Who gets hitched, and who gets offed?

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image sources: AMCTV; AMCTV

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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