Spring Break Debauchery Then and Now

My son has been on spring break all week and, well, I have to say, we’ve been acting awfully wild and crazy up in here. Our house has become like a 24-hour party! Kindergarteners napping all over the house. Spent Capri Suns littering the floor.  Empty pizza boxes under the beds.

Actually, that’s not really true, Silly! I think Carson is a bit too young and I’m a lot too old for a spring break filled with debauchery, wouldn’t you say?

It has made me think back to my one and only wild spring break trip, way back in the 90’s. For all you youngsters out there, that’s what you might call the “olden days.”  It just happened to be my 21st birthday and I may or may not have had a little fun.

Please enjoy this walk down memory lane to spring break 1996, as a single footloose and fancy free gal, compared and contrasted with spring break 2012, as a 36-year-old married mother of two.

  • Spring Break 1996 1 of 8
    Spring Break 1996
    Then: A wild and crazy ride on a mechanical bull
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  • Spring Break 2012 2 of 8
    Spring Break 2012
    Now: A wild and crazy ride down the grocery store aisle with two kids in tow
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  • Spring Break 1996 3 of 8
    Spring Break 1996
    Then: Bargain shopping across the border: Tequila shots, 3 for a $1. Score!
  • Spring Break 2012 4 of 8
    Spring Break 2012
    Now: Bargain shopping at the grocery store: Twelve pack of Coke, 3 for $10. Score!
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  • Spring Break 1996 5 of 8
    Spring Break 1996
    Party animal, then: Drinking a beer the most, ahem, efficient way.
  • Spring Break 2012 6 of 8
    Spring Break 2012
    Party animals, now: C'mon. The cuteness.
  • Spring Break 1996 7 of 8
    Spring Break 1996
    6:50 a.m., then: You mean I have to go to sleep?
  • Spring Break 2012 8 of 8
    Spring Break 2012
    6:50 a.m., now: You mean I get to sleep in?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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