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Palm treesI’m not one of those bloggers who just happens to be a fabulous photographer. You know — the ones who say oh, this is just us lazing about on a Saturday afternoon then casually toss in a photo that looks like it was cut out of a Mini Boden catalog? Yeah, not me.

But that won’t stop me from foisting my vacation photos on you. Because even I can’t take a bad picture in Hawaii.

Our family’s return to an even keel is an event worth celebrating, so we splurged on a Spring Break vacation in Maui.  Every frequent flyer mile we’ve ever earned went toward the flights, which left us enough to upgrade our hotel room to “oceanfront.”

As we counted down the days to our departure, not even Portland’s cold, wet Spring could dampen our spirits.

I now believe that a week in Maui is the magical cure for whatever ails you. Seven days of sun, snorkeling, palm trees, and shave ice has a softening effect on just about any problem.

The warm sand and blue water welcomed us. The scent of plumerias kept us company. Electronics, homework and to-do lists were forgotten. It was a glorious exercise in grabbing the good times with both hands and running.

We’re home now, fortified by sunlight, filled with memories.  No matter what the future holds, we can don our imaginary leis and sigh, thankful for our week in paradise.

  • Goodbye Portland snow… 1 of 14
    Goodbye Portland snow...
    This was the view as the airport cab pulled away from our house.
  • …Hello Maui sun! 2 of 14
    ...Hello Maui sun!
    This was the view about eight hours later, from our hotel balcony.
  • Do not pass Go, go directly to beach 3 of 14
    Do not pass Go, go directly to beach
    We spent about 10 minutes in our hotel room -- just long enough to change into swimsuits and slather ourselves with sunscreen.
  • Boogie boarding 4 of 14
    Boogie boarding
    One of the great pleasures of traveling with older children: sharing the fun.
  • Pina coladas and mai tais 5 of 14
    Pina coladas and mai tais
    We indulged in plenty of Hawaiian cliches, including fruity tropical drinks.
  • Shell collecting 6 of 14
    Shell collecting
    My daughter is a natural-born treasure hunter. She collected hundreds of tiny shells during our trip.
  • Maui sunset 7 of 14
    Maui sunset
    Nothing I can say can make this moment any sweeter.
  • You never outgrow playing in the sand 8 of 14
    You never outgrow playing in the sand
    Despite wildly different temperments, my kids both have endless fun on the shore.
  • Rainforest hike 9 of 14
    Rainforest hike
    We managed to rip ourselves away from the beach long enough to take a rainforest hike...
  • Waterfall pool 10 of 14
    Waterfall pool see hidden waterfalls in fern-fringed grottoes...
  • Lizard sunning himself 11 of 14
    Lizard sunning himself
    ...and catch glimpses of the wildlife.
  • Palm trees 12 of 14
    Palm trees
    There were palm trees, plumerias...
  • Island music 13 of 14
    Island music
    ...ukulele lessons...
  • Our home for a week 14 of 14
    Our home for a week
    ...and, finally, a very bittersweet departure.

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