65+ degrees=family of ninja warriors, front lawn picnics, bike-rides, outdoor concerts, fresh air…kids are literally skipping down the sidewalk right now.

Also, maybe this is obvious, but 4 yrs is too old for riding in an infant seat.  I forgot that June grew a lot through the fall and winter.  Rounding a corner  yesterday, we toppled over with her still strapped in.  Also, Mags’ early allergies are causing excema and headaches and  red-eyes again.  And the house organization I’ve been meaning to do will be put on the back burner as the garden is ready to be turned over and the mildew needs to be wiped off the swing-set and outside toys.

Wait, I’m not complaining.  In fact this marks the season where we get to play some shows outside, kids dancing with their friends in plain view, with fireworks even.  And that is the best.  People need outside. I need outside.

The guy next to me is sighing about something and I have a feeling it’s not that he hasn’t had a minute to enjoy the sun.  I think it’s because his power supply is broken or his coffee is not the caramel latte he ordered..but guess what, he just out loud said, “Screw it”  and now he’s sitting at a table outside doing nothing but smirking.  He’s either telling himself a joke or he’s proud that he just blew off life’s little annoyances in exchange for enjoying the day.

My point is-spring is even more notable here in the tri-state area.  Because…Northeasterners love their problems.  Whiny adults waiting in lines, snarls and horns on neighborhood streets, rude service and just general bitching seems to be something you just get used to around here.  I laugh at it and try my best not to be “one of them.”  However, we all just simply cheer the f up when the first flowers sprout into our front yards.

June needs sunglasses.

What we’re listening to in this new weather:  Joni Mitchell (Blue).  Although, June has made a request for mommy and daddy music.  I just can’t bring myself to blare our own record from our front yard while we eat lunch and bask in the sun.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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