Stop Saying Formula Feeders Are Dumb

Enjoying solid food at 8 years.
Enjoying solid food at 8 years.

I’m irritated. I just read an article (and why do I feel the need to click on articles about parenting that have nothing to do with my life?) on MSNBC that said that a lot of women are starting their babies on solid food too young. Apparently specialists recommend not starting any type of solid food before your baby is 6 months old. Okay, fine. I’m not completely irritated by that. I mean, sure my pediatrician recommended starting at 4 months  and six months if a child exhibited allergies to breast milk/formula or was having digestive trouble. The article basically calls out moms (because we all know dads have no responsibility for feeding their children right?) for starting too early thereby risking diabetes, Celiac disease obesity and other horrors. According to the article, the moms who started solids too soon had reasons like “A doctor or health care professional said my baby should start eating solid food” or “My baby wanted the food I ate” or “It would help my baby sleep longer at night.”

So what’s the irritating part? Mattie ponytailThis quote: “What’s more, moms who fed their babies formula were far more likely to start solids too early versus those who exclusively breast-fed.” WHAT THE HELL? Why does it always come down to formula feeders being ignorant people who just clearly either don’t know what’s best for their babies or don’t care? I’m so sick of it. This shit is getting even less thinly disguised. It’s like that was the point of the article to say that moms (again the article time and time again says it’s moms who are guilty) who breast-feed are clearly above the fray when it comes to risky behaviors like giving a baby food a month early.

I formula fed after a month of trying to breast-feed (fine three weeks) (and I snuck formula even in those three weeks) (lots of it) (even though I cried while doing it)(I also tried to feed Elby through a dropper one night to help her get over nipple confusion but that’s a whole other story). I gave Elby solid food at 4 months because that’s when my pediatrician recommended I start. Yet I don’t live in crack house where I have no access to knowledge about infant care. In fact, my pediatrician has been practicing for thirty years and might know a little something about when to start giving solid foods. But if the specialist out there want to change things up and say that we absolutely are doing wrong by our babies by starting them off before six months go right ahead. Just please don’t say the ones who do it wrong are the NEFARIOUS FORMULA FEEDERS. It just fans the flames of the Mommy Wars. Thank you.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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