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Can someone please explain to me why I spent the first half of my children’s lives arguing that the clothing they selected was too warm — for instance puppy slippers and a Red Baron cap with a bathing suit in August — and now my constant argument is that they’re not dressed warm enough? When my son was in high school, we bought him a down parka for winter. Then he went to college and bought himself a black wool number with all the warm promise of a ballet tutu. My daughter isn’t too far behind, wearing very fashionable coats she brags cost under $40. And so does the fabric, and so does valet parking at the Emergency Room when she gets frostbite. With arctic temperatures across most of the U.S., I researched the following stylish cold weather accessories even a teenager will agree to wear!

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  • Cozy sweater 2 of 11

    This isn't just a sweater. It's an Icebreaker Ariana Stripe Scoop Merino Black Sheep's Wool Reversible Sweater. And before my mom remarks about the chilly neckline, it features magical engineering so it can also be worn as a turtleneck. It's $160, which is pricey, but approximately six thousand dollars less than you would spend to treat pneumonia. Available here

  • Technology gloves 3 of 11

    There may be even cozier gloves on the market, those meant to scale the side of a Swiss mountainscape, but the problem with those gloves is that you will take them off to text. These acrylic knit work gloves have touch screen fingertips and stay right there on your hands. $60.72 Available here.

  • Oversized Infinity Scarf 4 of 11

    In fact, this isn't just an infinity scarf, it's an eternity scarf. I'm not sure the difference, but perhaps this scarf saves the argument you would have with your child over all eternity if they don't wear something warm around their neck. I used to think infinity and eternity scarves were silly, because can't you just get a scarf and tie it? But in really cold weather, the benefit is being able to easily adapt these scarves as hoods and scarves combined. $29 Available here.

  • Warm coat lining 5 of 11

    This parka lining is rated for -30 degree temperatures and is made to fit under any jacket shell. The thing is, these are very warm all on their own, and extremely lightweight and easy to shove into backpacks. $180 Available here.

  • Warm boots 6 of 11

    Warm boots are not the same as boots and they're not even the same as boots with warm socks. Warm boots are warm all on their own and are really the only realistic thing when you're outside in freezing temperature. But warm is only half of it, they also have to stay dry. These Uggs are water resistant suede with a sheepskin overlay. $199.95 Available here.

  • Not messing around warm coat 7 of 11

    I have done it too, I have lied that a coat was warm when really it was just cute. All is fine with a cute not warm coat, until you need to wait for a bus, or walk, or the car breaks down, or you are, in short, outside. Fully waterproofed with taped seams, this Under Armour coat isn't so much a garment as a spaceship, with descriptions such as a thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain your own body heat. $207.99 Available here.

  • Neck warmth 8 of 11

    Sure you could wear a scarf, but you can also wear this! It's Turtle Fur, which thankfully is a brand name and not a natural material. It features a double layer, in a color that ensures they won't miss you on the slopes after the avalanche. $16 Available here.

  • Come on people, a hat! 9 of 11

    I learned growing up that you lose half of your body heat through the top of your head, which may actually be an urban myth off the top of someone else's head. Regardless, we can all agree it is warmer with a hat than without. And that hat must protect the ears. I've seen people resist hats due to hat head, which is why it's such good news that hats are so fashionable, and most of the time way cuter than hair anyway. This rib-knit number  goes by the genus and species slouchy beanie, and it's $16, available here.

  • They’re ba-ack! 10 of 11

    Legwarmers. Except this time we're doing them right, we are obscuring acres of them under our tall, cute, and warm boots. These are handmade to order and feature wool yarn and a very subtle stripe. $32 This darling photo and these legwarmers are available here.

  • Long underwear 11 of 11

    These are not John Walton's waffled long johns. This long underwear is made of pure filament silk, and fits easily underneath all clothes, or can be warn as winter tights with skirts or dresses. Available in other colors. $34.99 Available here.

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