Suck It, Hurricane Sandy

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Hello all. As you know, (unless you’re new here, in which case—oh hello, hi there, welcome) normally I like to drop in and jot down a few silly thoughts about things that are silly.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, (but also due in part to other unspeakable tragedies that have occurred in the city I call home over the past few weeks) I find that the silly words are failing me.

And so, a few thoughts on the idea of how to maybe put something good back into the world. Maybe you live here, maybe you are from a distant land, like, let’s say, CANADA. I don’t know. But every so often I am starkly reminded of how we are all just flesh and blood, and holy sh%t, are we ever all in this together. Together, I say! (claps hands dramatically) PLACES, PEOPLE!!

I offer the following as examples of ways in which maybe some of you might be able to help. I wish I had a flow chart. I love flow charts. Where is my Flow-Chart-Captain when I need him?!

Maybe you have some money to give? Or chainsaws?

Perhaps you have expertise in chainsaw-ry (?) that you can offer instead.

This is a big deal.

Hey, do you like beautiful art that is also helpful?

Or say, did you know that the victims of Hurricane Sandy really need things such as kids socks and underpants, and adult diapers and tampons? Lots of people have donated sweaters, but almost no one donates foundation garments. Interesting. They also need kid diapers. And house cleaners. And trash bags. And work gloves. All those things, but like, times a hundred thousand:

This is a great idea!  Occupy Sandy is doing it as well.

(In fact,  I’m *hearting*  you pretty hard right now, Occupy Sandy.)

Finally, a disclaimer: I, like many others who are similarly distrustful of large red tape filled entities, prefer to give money to organizations that are ‘boots-on-the-ground’. Now, listen here–before you freak out on me–you may not be religious yourself, I get it. But there are many community based religious institutions who are right there in the thick of it and they know exactly how to help, right now, today. I assure you that they dispense help all the time to people in need, even without hurricanes, without conditions.

Here’s one–if you can think of any others, please mention them in the comments.

And let’s say you don’t have any money or goods to give. Perhaps you could make a giant Staten Island/New Jersey/New York City sized baked ziti to share with those who are clearing debris and checking in on the elderly. Or maybe you just can’t.

Maybe all that’s left for you to give is kindness to your fellow man.  I can assure you that would be most welcome too.


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