Suddenly Proud to Be the Cookie Mom

A few weeks ago I was over here complaining because I accepted the job of Girl Scout Cookie Mom for my daughter’s Brownie Troop.

I’m done complaining.

Earlier today I watched a video where a 14 year old girl scout calls for a boycott of selling Girl Scout cookies because Girl Scouts of America allows children that self-identify as girls to become members.

WHAT? A Girl Scout boycotting Girl Scout cookies?

Laurie wrote an outstanding piece about this over on BlogHer.  I encourage you to read Laurie’s post on it and get all the facts and then come back here. I want to tell you how I feel about it as the parent of a scout.

I am thrilled that GSUSA has a policy allowing children that identify as girls to become girl scouts. No, I am not worried that boys that identify as boys will use this as a secret way to infiltrate and endanger teenaged girl scouts. No, I do not fear for my daughter’s safety. No, I’m not worried that transgender is “catching”. No, I am not worried about 7 year old Bobby Montoya who wants to be a Brownie. Judging by this video he would fit right in with my daughter’s troop.

I am worried about Taylor, the 14 year old girl who made the video. I am worried that she sees trans kids as some sort of menace. I am worried about her misconceptions and what people may have taught her that would lead her to believe that Bobby Montoya could some how endanger her scouting experience.

I am worried that my son’s Cub Scout den wouldn’t have the same policy for a genetically female child who identified as a boy.

I am worried that parents are still teaching their children intolerance and hate just because something is different.

When my kids got home this afternoon I asked them how they would feel about a transgender kid in scouts with them. After explaining what transgender meant, then explaining what self-identifyng meant, then explaining that yeah, you could probably still pee in the campfire if you wanted to, both of my children said that they wouldn’t have a problem with it. Then we talked about fire safety for a while.

I am proud of the Girl Scouts (and especially the Girl Scouts of Colorado) for maintaining their policies even though the controversy.

I looked at the Honest Girl Scouts website and it scares me a little bit, but that is okay. I will put my money and effort where my mouth is. I just ordered 10 extra boxes of Girl Scout cookies for myself and I am going to encourage my daughter and my troop to sell more boxes – even if it means more work for me. I am also going to make a small personal donation to the Girl Scouts of Colorado for standing up for what is right.

I am proud to be the cookie mom. I am proud to be the parent of a child in an organization that teaches acceptance. I think Juliette Gordon Low would be pleased.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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