Summer Magic: Catching Fireflies, Junebugs on a String & Widdle Wobsters

light on my hands

Fireflies are little bits of summertime magic.

Yes, I know…bioluminescence, chemical reaction, blah blah blah. I reject that reality and substitute my own (10 points to you if you recognize that quote). Let’s just call them MAGIC!

Did you catch fireflies when you were little…or sleep with them in a mason jar as a nightlight? If you lived in the South you sure did. You might have even tied a string to a junebug’s leg and flown it around like a kite. REALLY. We do that stuff down here.

Junebug 3

See? Also, it’s really hard to get a picture of a junebug flying on a thread. Spastic bugs and jumpy boys get in the way of well planned photo shoots. 🙂

Southern boys also visit local creeks and catch crawdads. The youngest used to call them ‘widdle wobsters’. Now we all call them widdle wobsters.







It does look like a little lobster, right?








I even made a cute digital scrapbook with Wendy’s new scrapbooking app that is perfect to send the Grandparents on Facebook.

Need some inspiration for catching fireflies, or making your own DIY firefly jar?  Here are some of my favorite firefly pictures and links for firefly crafts:


  • firefly 1 of 6
    Nearly an iconic representation of fireflies in a jar...I've never been able to track down who the photographer is.
  • fireflies 2 of 6
    Same thing for this photo, never attributed to original photographer. Let's see if we can harness the power of the interwebz to locate them!
  • catching fireflies 3 of 6
    catching fireflies
    The perfect mason jar, buzzing with glowing fireflies.
  • fireflies up close 4 of 6
    fireflies up close
    These dudes are just chillin' to see them in a different "light"
  • fake firefly in jar 5 of 6
    fake firefly in jar
    Not lucky enough to live in a place where capturing fireflies is a possibility? This is a fun alternative.
  • fake fireflies two 6 of 6
    fake fireflies two
    Hm. More faux fireflies. They glow like the real thing!

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.



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