Summer Turns to Fall and I’m in a Funk

Summer made quite a splash on me this year.

My two favorite seasons are summer and fall. Always have been and always will be. Which means that I’m usually not fazed one bit when the long hot days grow cooler and crisper. All it means for me is that I’ll be soon standing before an outdoor fire watching a little football with my kids in our gazebo — my favorite spot of our entire house.

But this year, now that it’s finally gone-gone, I find that I am fazed. Because I miss summer, y’all.

And I think it’s because this summer was epic for the Osbornes. We spent a ton of time at the pool, went on three different beach trips (well, I only went on two…) and celebrated Luke’s first birthday. Alli had a birthday, too. She turned 11. The triplets went on their first ever camping trip. And they also learned to swim for real — no longer requiring life jackets in the pool.

Did I mention that Luke started walking a few weeks ago?

Translation? In an era where the seasons have been rich, indeed, none have been richer than the summer of 2012 for the Osbornes. So it’s with a certain degree of melancholy I’m forced to acknowledge that it’s officially over.

The good news is that I’ve got SO much of it captured on my Sony Handycam. The bad news is, however, when it comes to turning it into a movie, I’m not sure where to begin.

Part of me wants to make a bunch of different videos — one for our beach trips, one for the birthdays, one for the camping trip and one for Luke walking. But you know what else would be cool? One home movie that encompasses all of it.

Truth be known, I’d hoped to have this mega home movie completed by now as I wanted to share it on Voices as my final contribution to this fantastic campaign Sony has been running on Babble. But at the end of the day, I’ve been holding off on making it as doing so means admitting it’s over.

How ridiculous is that?

Well don’t worry, because (a) I’ve got an incredible therapist — the man’s a miracle worker and, even better, (b) I had a sudden revelation earlier this week. Thanks to all the incredible milestones we experienced this summer, and thanks to the fact that I’ve got them all stored on my Sony Handycam, I can pick a day this weekend and begin to sift through it all.

With my children!

Because part of my editing process is watching every last second and deciding which stays and which goes. And it just dawned on me that I can watch it all via the slideshow feature on the Handycam which means my kids can (a) relive the summer with me even as they (b) help me figure out the perfect clips to represent it.

Which means, suddenly, I’m not so sad about summer being gone anymore.

Because I’m about to immortalize it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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