Summer Vacation is Going to be the Death of Me

I was looking at my calendar this morning when it hit me. THEY ONLY HAVE THREE WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

This happens to me every year, and my kids are in 2nd grade, so by every year I mean this is third time I have done the same stupid thing. I sign my kids up for swim team, assume that this will occupy them all morning three days a week and I figure that will be enough. We will spend afternoons at the pool or going to museums. We can go to baseball games! Maybe we will go visit my parents in Florida or spend a week in Rehoboth.

But my thinking is flawed.

First of all, I work from home. I like to pretend that I will just cut back on work, but the truth is that I have five writing jobs, another part time job and I keep picking up more work. This is fantastic for my bank account and terrible for my plans to spend the afternoons at the pool.

The second problem is that no matter how many times I think swim team is all morning, it is only one hour. I get this wrong EVERY YEAR. I have no idea what my deal is but I am always shocked when it turns out to be one hour. By the time I figure this out in time my kids will be old enough to coach and then they will have to work all morning and I will still be confused but in reverse.

The third problem is that I am in the process of hiring people to renovate my kitchen and also my entire downstairs. We have planned it so that work will begin right around July 1st. This shouldn’t be a problem for work. Or feeding the children. Or anything.

So now I will sit here and stress out for the next three weeks straight. I will scramble for three months and then my kids will be in third grade and I will wonder what the hell happened to our summer and how it is we didn’t make it to a single museum or baseball game.

We let ourselves get all spazzed out about these things that seems so major and then they are gone. Time moves so fast. My babies are eight years old. I have no idea how that happened.

I would like to think that next year I will actually think to sign them up for at least one camp instead of my normal reaction — scowling at the computer when people talk about signing their kids up for summer camp in January. Because, honestly, who wants to think about summer camp in January? How am I supposed to plan where my kids should hang out seven months in the future when I didn’t even realize it was almost summer break?

I am sure that the summer will be stressful and everything will turn out just fine and at the end of it all we will have a shiny new kitchen, another bedroom and everyone will be ready for the kids to go back to school.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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