Summertime is Exhausting!

I suspect that those of you with kids out of school will agree, summertime is EXHAUSTING. I’m used to at least 12 hours of child-free time per week. Those precious hours alone were spent running all the errands I didn’t want to have to drag my kids along for, like grocery shopping and trips to the post office.

I’ve said before that I don’t want my kids to waste the summer away, but in order for them to actually get up and get moving, I have to get them to get up and get moving. I tried to tell my husband about how tired I am already now that school is out for summer, but he was less than sympathetic.

“It’s only been two days, right?” he asked.

Details, details. He makes it sound like two days isn’t a long time!

Since school officially let out, this is what we’ve done and why I’m most likely so exhausted:

1. Made a list of fun things to do this summer. There were tears and sweat (tears from the kids, sweat from me) during this process and I’m not sure why. I mean, crying because I suggested a trip to our local botanical gardens? Really?

2. Gone grocery shopping. After nine months of blissful solo grocery shopping, it was somewhat unpleasant to have wild, grabby, hungry kids in tow.

3. Began our Summer Reading Program sponsored by our local library. I’ll admit, I knew that asking the kids to read alone for 20 minutes would be like asking them climb to Mt. Everest. So far, it’s going exactly as I expected. Side note: those precious 20 minutes of “quiet time” go waaaaay too fast.

4. Gone to the pool. I do love the pool, but the getting ready to go to the pool part is so much work! First there’s the packing, swimsuits, beach towels, pool toys, sunscreen, and lunch. Then there’s the sunscreen application-on wiggly kids who don’t like sunscreen. It never fails that within seconds of getting into the pool, someone has to use the bathroom. This means that we all have to get out of the pool to go to the bathroom.  Apply more sunscreen, swim, repeat.

5. Gone out for ice cream. Okay, honestly, this one wasn’t exhausting at all.

6. Taken away privileges because of poor choices. My son asked for some quiet time alone. This probably should have been a clue that he was up to something, but I actually thought that he was being mature and getting a little rest after a busy day. We have a strict video game policy at our house and only allow the Wii to be played on Fridays and Saturdays. My son, for his faux quiet time, was sneaking in a game of Sonic with the volume muted.  Now, instead of having earned Friday and Saturday video game time, he’s lost it for the next two weekends.

Only 76 more days until school starts!


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