Swiss Family Worthington

What does my family need?


A good book, a sunset, a delicious meal.  Our days are filled with magic moments that take us away from the everyday grind.

I’m learning that I need to make more room in my life for these moments.

Lately I’ve been scaling back and spending time daydreaming. For me, daydreaming is essential to creativity.

Recently I’ve been imagining packing up the family and going on a family adventure. Our family vacation would be  spending a year on a tropical island, in a home nestled in the trees. Now that is something to remember!

Can you tell I’m inspired by Swiss Family Robinson?

The boys could have a tree-wing dedicated to a various boy interests. Archery, epic jungle spit ball and lots of wild boy stuff.  That staircase? Would be the perfect place for one brother escape when the brothers get too loud up high.

What else does the Swiss Family Worthington tree house hold?

Lots and lots of awesome. Come browse my daydream and see what you’ll be inspired to dream about. Enjoy!

  • Treehouse library 1 of 8
    Treehouse library
    A huge library! You can't be removed from civilization and not have stacks and stacks of books to snuggle up and read together.
  • Treehouse garden 2 of 8
    Treehouse garden
    Living in a tree house on a tropical island means being close to untamed nature; We will have to tame a corner to grow our fruit and veggies.
  • Treehouse learning 3 of 8
    Treehouse learning
    Just to make sure we don't forget where exactly our remote tropical island is, we'll need a few maps and globes and stuff.
  • Treehouse tub 4 of 8
    Treehouse tub
    In my dream tropical island tree house, this is my bathroom. Need I say more?
  • Treehouses need chandeliers, too 5 of 8
    Treehouses need chandeliers, too
    Perfect lighting for my dream tree house; this tutorial will show you how to make your own.
  • Treehouse decorating 6 of 8
    Treehouse decorating
    These huge baskets are gorgeous, and would not only be a handy tool on a remote island, but also a gorgeous wall hanging. Win-win!
  • Treehouse bed 7 of 8
    Treehouse bed
    That shipwrecked rowboat we will find? Yeah, it would be the world's best hanging sofa/hammock.
  • Treehouse upcycling 8 of 8
    Treehouse upcycling
    On a deserted island, you have to make do with what's around you. This gorgeous headboard made out of a picnic table is the perfect tree-house decorating inspiration.

And of course, we’ll have baby sloths.

Photo of tree-house at dusk image courtesy NYT. Tree-house sphere image courtesy Mark Mahaney.

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