Taking My Birthday Off: Simple Celebrating

It is easy for me to get caught up in celebrations and over doing it for my birthday. Last year I prepared for turning 40 by interviewing women I admire. But this year I tried an even more simple tactic, to let myself take (almost) the whole day off to enjoy the basics and see where it took me. It wasn’t a day at the spa or a trip to Paris. It was simpler than that and it was awesome. Taking my birthday off is going to be my new tradition and I encourage you to do the same. Here is what I did in pictures and why 41 was my best birthday yet:

  • A little work thing… 1 of 8

    My day started with a 5:45am wake up for a radio interview on summer tips. When I mentioned that I like to read a hard copy of the newspaper, the DJ asked me my age. "41 today" was all it took to turn the interview into FM birthday wackiness and I was soon serenaded by Elvis, a pastor, a middle school choir and dental drills, all to the tune of "Happy birthday." Running start!

  • Good morning faces 2 of 8
    41 - 2

    The kids ran into my room when they woke up, each so excited to celebrate. Here is one of the three beautiful faces that greeted me.

  • Camp drop-off 3 of 8
    41 - 3

    I took the kids to camp and we didn't rush at all. Mitch joined me so it was a family affair. We lingered to talk to other parents. Fun.

  • A breakfast date 4 of 8

    Mitch and I went out on a breakfast date. Croissants and conversation at 10am. The decadence!

  • A brand new baby 5 of 8
    41 - 5

    I went to meet my childhood friend's 10 day old baby and stayed for lunch. I didn't hand off the gift and run out. I held the baby (for as long as I could!), I spent guilt-free time with my old friend and I enjoyed every minute.

  • Homemade gift exchange 6 of 8
    41 - 6

    I met everyone at home for a gift exchange. Homemade soap in fun shapes that shed everywhere. The kids were beaming.

  • Dinner at "my" favorite restaurant 7 of 8
    41- 7

    My kids had been excited all day for dinner at Benihana. They insisted I wear the hat all through dinner. There were tons of birthday tables around us but they tended to be celebrating single digits. The fun overrode the sodium coma.

  • A trip to see my cousin on stage 8 of 8
    A trip to see my cousin live her dreams

    We dropped the kids off at home and Mitch and I went to see my uber-talented cousin, Rachel Berman, shine in her first starring role. Only 18 months ago she had questioned her dreams. Now she was living them.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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