End Of Year Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas Here!

I can hardly believe that the end of the school year is already upon us, how did that happen so fast? Seems like I’m always scrambling to pull together teacher appreciation gifts at the last minute and thought I’d get a bit of a jump start on things this time around. I’ve put together some of the best ideas and inspirations I could find in the gallery below, many with simple DIY’s and even a few free printables to make things as easy as possible.

I’m so thankful for all the teachers in the world, we’ve been so lucky to have some of the very best along the way. Cheers to all the educators out there, we are grateful for the good work you do!

  • Neon Dipped Pots 1 of 18
    Neon Dipped Pots
    I'm super digging these neon dipped terra cotta pots and think they'd make an amazing teacher gift.
    Details here from Armelle Blog
  • Alphabet Containers 2 of 18
    Alphabet Containers
    Alphabet containers! Super appropriate without being cheesy, exactly my sort of thing!
    Find all the details on this DIY here from Willowday
  • Apple Coasters 3 of 18
    Apple Coasters
    Because not even teachers like to leave a ring on their desk.
    Details here from Purlbee
  • Markers and Free Printable 4 of 18
    Markers and Free Printable
    All teachers love markers, right? So much fun to correct papers with! This printable is pretty darn cute I'll have to admit.
    Get it here from Design, Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  • DIY Chalkboard Globe 5 of 18
    DIY Chalkboard Globe
    Gussy up a plain old globe and turn it into this cool DIY chalk version.
    See the full tutorial here from Design Sponge
  • Geometry Necklace 6 of 18
    Geometry Necklace
    Teaching jewelry? This is definitely one of the the better versions I've seen!
    Get this necklace here from Etsy seller Star Of The East
  • Caramel Apple Dip 7 of 18
    Caramel Apple Dip
    Give the gift of treats with this caramel dip and apple set, yum!
    Details here from Event Trender
  • Sugar Scrub 8 of 18
    Sugar Scrub
    Sugar scrubs are so so so easy to put together and make fantastic gifts. What teacher doesn't deserve to spoil themselves a little after a busy school year?
    See the full tutorial here from Coordinately Yours
  • Smart Cookies 9 of 18
    Smart Cookies
    Here's another cute printable but for cookies this time. Simple and sweet.
    Get the printable here from Crazy Little Projects
  • Cake Mix For Two 10 of 18
    Cake Mix For Two
    How about a cake mix for two? Looks impressive!
    Details and printable available here from Tutus and Tea Parties
  • Yarn Pom Bookmarks 11 of 18
    Yarn Pom Bookmarks
    These are delightfully easy to pull together and make the absolute best gifts. What teacher couldn't use a good bookmark?
    Details found on my blog at Design Mom
  • DIY Cork Stamps 12 of 18
    DIY Cork Stamps
    I think these handmade stamps make for a fantastic teacher gifts. Perfect for grading and stamping papers.
    Find the details here from my blog at Design Mom
  • Drink Cup 13 of 18
    Drink Cup
    You've got to keep those teachers hydrated!
    Inspiration via TSJ Photography
  • Soap Silhouette 14 of 18
    Soap Silhouette
    Inexpensive and definitely functional.
    Details here from my blog Design Mom
  • DIY Canvas Tote 15 of 18
    DIY Canvas Tote
    A basic canvas tote can be used for about a million different things.
    Stencil your own DIY version with this tutorial from my sister-in-law Liz at Say Yes To Hoboken
  • Wall Print 16 of 18
    Wall Print
    Use this free printable and an affordable frame for a delightful print any teacher would be happy to hang in their classroom.
    Get it here from Eighteen25
  • Thanks A Latte 17 of 18
    Thanks A Latte
    This free printable plus a Starbucks gift card is just the thing.
    Get it here from Eighteen25
  • Good Old Granola 18 of 18
    Good Old Granola
    You can't go wrong with gifting some homemade granola. Package it in a cute jar and everyone wins.
    Recipe and inspiration here from Inchmark


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