Teaching Children That Wishes Do Come True

My children wrote one of their wishes
My children wrote down one of their wishes

One of the things that always fills my heart with pride is that my kids rarely ask for anything. Well, almost. They do want as much love and attention as they can get, but I’m okay with that.  So the other day, when they both came to me and said they wished we would go on a Disney cruise, I was kind of surprised.  In the picture you can see what my children wrote to build their case, which really got to my heart.

What they don’t know is that mami and papi have been planning to surprise them. They have no idea that in a few days they will be on the Disney Fantasy for an entire week. We are keeping the plans under wraps and although we knew the kids would be happy, we had no idea how badly they want to do this trip.

As tends to happen with cute and adorable children, they grow up too fast, so we are always looking to find time to do special things together. Usually it means riding a bike, going for ice cream or just cuddling at bedtime. But we live for family vacations, even if we can’t do them as often as we’d like. We might take weekends off and visit my family in Chile for New Year’s, but it’s never enough.

Now both my husband and I will be taking a much-needed week-long break from work and we can’t wait. Can’t wait to hear our children squeal and hug each other when they learn the great news. Can’t wait to disconnect from Blackberries, email and phones. Can’t wait to simply be in the moment, the four of us.

I am just so excited to prove to them that wishes do come true. Even if it doesn’t happen every day, I simply want them to keep believing in the power of dreams, no matter what their ages are.

The only thing I’m not sure about is how to tell them that their wish will come true. Should I have Mickey call them? Give them a letter with a picture of their favorite characters? Any ideas?

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