10 Trendy Back-to-School Looks for Teen Boys

Back-to-school is quickly approaching, and with it, back-to-school clothes shopping. My teenage daughter sends me emails containing her clothing wish list, which is burgeoning with an assortment of babydoll dresses and maxi skirts and skinny jeans and boots and leggings and cardigans. Variety!

This made me think about teen boy clothes — and I have to admit I couldn’t muster an image of what teen boys are wearing to school these days. My guess would be t-shirts with jeans, or maybe occasionally jeans with t-shirts.

And yet there seems to be a flurry of extremely successful teen boy celebrities hitting the red carpet and the stage lately — and they don’t necessarily look like the boy next door. So I turned to a team of professional trend watchers to select ten things every teen boy should wear to get the girl — which means I asked my daughter and her friends.

  • Shall we? 1 of 11
  • Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt 2 of 11

    Available in a wide range of colors from pastel to stripe. The important thing here is form fitting and the slight roll of the short sleeve. Available here. $24.99

  • High Lace Up Boot 3 of 11

    In leather or suede, desert boot or more rugged, from vintage look to a more polished finish. Available here. $140

  • Henley T-Shirt 4 of 11

    The Henley t-shirt is all about the manly button detail at the neck, and sleeves that don't hang down too long on the arm. Available here. $15.95

  • Slim Fit Jeans 5 of 11

    The idea here is a perfect balance between not too fussy and not too sloppy. Available here. $59.95

  • Barn Jacket 6 of 11

    Fit is everything, not too tight and not too big. Available here. $99.95

  • Canvas Sneakers 7 of 11

    Available in a range of colors. Available here. $24.95

  • Vintage T-Shirt 8 of 11

    Fun graphics and colors! Available here. $35.99

  • Cotton Twill Pants 9 of 11

    Have fun with the range of colors, as long as the fit is right! Available here. $68

  • Wristwatch 10 of 11

    Forget cell phones to tell time, watches are back at every price point. Available here. $40.99

  • Wool Blazer and Bold Tie 11 of 11

    Business is the new grunge. Available here. And the tie here. $119.95 and $17.95

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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