10 Awesome Gifts Your Teen Will Love


This is my daughter and I last week on her 17th birthday. And this is the great gift I got her: a few pieces of sushi and a shared salad during a rushed lunch. And the promise to repaint her bedroom. Someday. And maybe a pair of combat boots if she finds the perfect pair at a reasonable price. In other words: nothing.

In childhood, there is a steady march of appropriate iconic presents for every birthday. There’s the teddy bear then the rocking horse then the tricycle then the baby doll then the basketball hoop then the play kitchen then the bicycle then the doll house then the skateboard then the baseball mitt then the laptop then the mountain bike then the corner office. These are big ticket items that deliver a wallop.

But as the years accrue, and your teen’s basic needs are met, it becomes very difficult to purchase useful gifts you feel aren’t just for gift’s sake.

The following ten great gifts for teens may not pack a wallop as big as the keys to a brand new car, but they represent useful items with a resonance that continues beyond the gift’s opening. Shall we?

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  • 12X Magnifier Zoom Aluminum Camera Telephoto Lens w/ Tripod 2 of 11

    This brilliant device allows your teen to grab a telephoto shot on their Apple iPhone 5. $25.35 Available at

  • HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speaker 3 of 11

    Available in a range of colors, this wireless speaker pumps up the sound on all bluetooth devices. $49 Available on 

  • Inspiring Book 4 of 11

    From the author of Wreck This Journal, Keri Smith prompts her readers into an interactive reading experience. In her latest, she asks the reader to solve the mystery of the unfinished book. $12 Available on

  • 105 Piece Ladies’ Tool Kit 5 of 11

    It's never to young to become self-sufficient, and this tool kit contains everything you need to tackle the many Do It Yourself projects shown on popular TV shows. $19.95 Available from Catalog Favorites.

  • Clocky 6 of 11

    This fun alarm clock will jump off of its bedside table as soon as the alarm rings, to prevent the perpetual snoozer from going back to bed. $39.95 Available from Great Gifts For Men.

  • Custom Gym Bag 7 of 11

    Constructed of durable polyester and an ample size, you'll always know this Nike bag is yours! Great for traveling teams. $59.95 Available from The Personalization Mall.

  • The Show Me How Book 8 of 11

    Everything from how to tango to how to pack a suitcase, this graphically pleasing book includes 500 fun and inspiring tutorials. $19 Available from

  • Emergency Car Kit 9 of 11

    The gift every new driver should have! Includes a bungee cord for closing a popped trunk, jumper cables, duct tape, a poncho, a flashlight, and more. $39.99 Available from AAA

  • The Skateboard of the Future 10 of 11

    This hubless self-propelled board is also lightweight and folds easily! $150 Available from

  • A Favorite Magazine Subscription 11 of 11

    This is the gift that keeps on giving for an entire year, or more! To suit every hobby and taste level! From $5 Available at

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