Ten More Little Known Facts About Tracey Gaughran-Perez (aka Sweetney)

Snapshot of me at age 21. It was a very Liz Phair era.

Oh so you thought there were only ten little known facts about me? Really? Well allow me to blow your blog reading minds with TEN MORE factoids, tidbits, and informational nuggets from my personal history, thereby reaching a grand total of twenty! Twenty! Twenty little know facts! Mwahahaha! /The Count From Sesame Street

(And what about you guys? I’d love to hear a little known something about YOU in comments, cool?)

  • I was on a plane that hit a wind shear and almost crashed 1 of 10
    I was on a plane that hit a wind shear and almost crashed
    This happened when I was around 20 years old, flying into Paris on my way to visit my folks, who were living in Egypt at the time. We were in the process of landing when suddenly the plane flipped on its side and then flipped back on its belly. The plane then slammed into the ground on the runway - so hard it actually *bounced*. Lucky for me I was bombed out of my skull at the time (yay international air travel at age 20!) and so what happened didn't really strike me fully until I deplaned and couldn't stop shaking or crying. So... that was fun. OR EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF FUN.
  • When I was in college I DJed at a local alternative club 2 of 10
    When I was in college I DJed at a local alternative club
    This was circa '92-'93, so I was playing lots of Sub Pop and drinking a lot of Rolling Rock (gag) backed with tequila shots. I did this a couple nights a week, all night until about 4am, and am still amazed that I managed to graduate college. OUR LIVERS WERE STRONGER AND MORE RESILIENT THEN, OLDSTERS. Sigh.
  • I once attended a Doctor Who convention (yes, of my own free will) (shut up) 3 of 10
    I once attended a Doctor Who convention (yes, of my own free will) (shut up)
    I had a thing for Tom Baker in my younger years, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Oh and I also to this day have a Tardis key (which I wear as a necklace), because yes, I'm just that big of a dork. In fact, I'm so much of a dork that I'm seriously contemplating buying this Tardis-shaped cookie jar. What?
  • I lived in Egypt for a summer and toured the Valley Of The Kings 4 of 10
    I lived in Egypt for a summer and toured the Valley Of The Kings
    I also took a 5-day cruise down the Nile. Once in a lifetime stuff, no doubt. While I was there for the summer I worked at the Fullbright Commission in Cairo, typing teacher visa applications. Tedious stuff, but in my downtime at work I also managed to finish The Brothers Karamazov that summer... hey, remember when you had the time to read something like The freakin' Brothers Karamazov? Man. Those were the days.
  • I was on MTV once 5 of 10
    I was on MTV once
    See, growing up I had a massive boner for the band The Smiths, so when the band's lead singer Morrissey came to my tiny city (Grand Rapids, Michigan) to promote his 2nd solo album, my friends at a local indie record store got me in to their in-store event with him... and MTV. When the time came I nervously approached Morrissey clutching my 1st pressing of Hat Full Of Hollow and Meat Is Murder, and he.... wouldn't sign them. Seems he would ONLY sign his solo material. So the record store people gave me a copy of his most recent album (Kill Uncle? Something. I lost interest after Viva Hate), he signed it, and then BOOM! I was in front of the MTV cameras for a reaction shot/soundbite-worthy commentary, which boiled down to me rolling my eyes and saying something flip and deadpan about how meeting Morrissey was the highlight of my very existence. They ran it on MTV news, complete with eyerolling. Someone at MTV doesn't like Morrissey very much.
  • I’m an awful nail biter 6 of 10
    I'm an awful nail biter
    But beyond that, I honestly don't get the nails thing. I mean, sure, I'll get a mani-pedi if the occasion presents itself, but when I look at nails like these it kind of gives me the willies. It looks... unnatural? Alien? Slightly threatening? Something. Aaaand no thanks.
  • I was pen pals with My Bloody Valentine 7 of 10
    I was pen pals with My Bloody Valentine
    Another obscure(ish) band I became friendly with back in the day. In this case, in 1988 during their Isn't Anything tour, my best friend John interviewed them for a local paper and I went with him... and somehow became almost instantly tight with Bilinda (seen on the far right above). We hung out all night and into the wee hours next day, and then commenced a pen pal relationship - with occasional phone calls - that lasted until the mid 90s. During my time in Grad School we lost touch, sadly. Still! BRUSHES WITH INDIE ROCK FAME: I HAZ DEM.
  • I’m a horrible sleeper 8 of 10
    I'm a horrible sleeper
    Though I of course have no memory of it afterward, I apparently move and twitch in my sleep to the extent that the boyfriend claims it seems I'm physically FIGHTING sleep every night.... Unlike this adorable pug. AWKWARD SEGUE IS AWKWARD.
  • I started Sparklecorn (with help) 9 of 10
    I started Sparklecorn (with help)
    Maybe you've heard of it? The party at BlogHer every year? Well back in 2009 my friend Catherine and I created that Mofo out of dust. And since then, with the help of my business partner in MamaPop, Amy, we've been running strong. Best. Parties. Ever. *Seriously.*
  • I’m a terrible traveler 10 of 10
    I'm a terrible traveler
    Starting with the day before a trip when the panic really sets in, I start freaking out, and pretty much don't stop until the plane takes off/the train pulls out of the station/the car drives away from the house. Once we are in transit, I'm fine, and I'm fine during the trip, of course. But the lead-up, involving packing and arrangements and organizing and taking dogs to the kennel - all of that I am TERRIBLE about. I become an anxious ball of nerves and am pretty much intolerable until I'm actually on my way. I have no explanation for this, but I apologize to the entire universe for my obnoxious behavior anyway.


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