Ten Texts That Should Worry A Parent

Last week I wrote about teen slang words, and buried among the list were mos/dos/pos — which are texting acronyms for mom over shoulder, dad over shoulder, or simply parents over shoulder.

That got me thinking about why a teen would feel the need to alert anyone to the fact their parents were nearby. Which made me research texts that should worry a parent.

I am not a paranoid person. When I first allowed my daughter a Facebook page, I told her I wanted final approval rights over those she friended. So she friended me and she friended her brother and then I forgot to monitor her additions — mostly because I trust her. When my son was a teenager, I once spied a neatly folded paper with his name scribbled on it, half hidden under a lamp in his bedroom. It looked to all the world to be something he intended to hide, and so I vowed to find out what was contained within — just as soon as I poured a cup of coffee. I poured that cup of coffee and finished a few things and changed careers and separated from my husband and relocated to a different city — which is to say I forgot to double-back and read that note, mostly because I trust him.

I trust my kids because we have worked to foster an open line of communication — and that flows in both directions. I have tried to prove myself an ally when the ride gets bumpy.

The following list of texts that should worry a parent are for those who monitor their children’s technology. It doesn’t help to monitor if you don’t know what you’re reading. But keep in mind the goal is to foster relationships of trust where snooping isn’t the preferred method of communicating about things such as sex and drugs.

  • Shall we? 1 of 11
  • Means Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere 2 of 11
  • Means Marijuana 3 of 11
  • Means Let’s Hook Up 4 of 11
  • Means One To One 5 of 11
  • Means I Love You 6 of 11
  • Means Want To Buy 7 of 11
  • Means Eff-You-See-Kay-Why-Oh-You 8 of 11
  • Means Oral Sex 9 of 11
  • Means Age, Sex, Location 10 of 11
  • Means Ritalin 11 of 11
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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