Thank You, Sofia the First for Making My Life Dora-free

Sofia the First Sofia the First: A Content Guide for ParentsIf you have a preschool or young elementary-aged girl, you already know who Sofia the First is. She’s right here.

HEY GURL! I love you!

The one-hour movie premiered in November and ever since, my four-year-old has been obsessed. I had the good sense to DVR it and we’ve watched it (ahem) frequently since then.

It’s the very cute story of a little girl whose single mother marries the king, making her a princess and the step-sister to the existing prince and princess. Her parents are kind and thoughtful. Her new siblings are unsure of what to do with her (and she with them). She has to go to a school for royals. There’s a sorceror  who is more bumbling idiot than actual bad guy. There’s a ball. Tim Gunn plays the house steward and my entire family has been walking around for the past six weeks imitating him saying “It’s your time to shine, Sofia” in our best Project Runway voices.

There’s also the fact that Sofia seems like a nice, good-hearted kid and is decidedly not annoying. She’s also an age-appropriate little girl and not a scantily dressed, prince-smooching teenager. So I think it’s perfect for little bitties and I enjoyed it as much as my daughter did.

Actually I should clarify that — I enjoyed it the first four hundred times I saw it. Now, if I’m being honest, it’s just kind of neutral background noise. BEAUTIFUL, DELIGHTFUL BACKGROUND NOISE that has done two wonderful things for me.

Number 1, the movie buys me at least 45 minutes of time to get things done. Important things like making dinner, checking Facebook, or paying bills. As a matter of fact- – guess how I am able to write this blog post? That’s right — Sofia the First on the DVR and a sliced orange. I have two jobs, work mostly from home, and my youngest is only in preschool part-time, so… Yeah. Sometimes the TV saves my bacon work-wise and I’m not proud to admit it, but there it is.

Number 2, Sofia’s first act as princess was to banish Dora, a feat I thought previously impossible.


Dora has been my mortal enemy for the past year. My daughter absolutely loves her and requests her whenever she’s allowed to watch TV. I, on the other hand, get hives when I hear her voice — especially when she sings. I find her and her small simian cohort to be excessively tedious. But I also appreciate what they can do for a work-at-home mom. Up until Sofia the First, if I really needed to take a business call while my youngest was home and awake, the only card I had to play was Dora.

But Sofia is like getting a double high-five from the Disney Channel — she is much, much easier for me to have to watch a thousand times AND she’s starring in a new series premiering January 11th. Do you even know what that means for me? That means I get one more card to play and it replaces the annoying Dora card! Plus — new content! I don’t have to watch the same movie over and over again!

So count us among those who will be setting their DVR’s on January 11th for this new series. And Sofia, thank you. Because of you, I may never have to watch Dora again.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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