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Dear Friends,

I have discovered the Holy Grail of reading.  A tool so spectacular that your child’s reading level will sky-rocket in days, their confidence will grow and they will learn a vital social skill – learning how to punctuate a moment with a fake laugh.  HA!  Yes!  This is true.  And could this come at a better time of year?!  I think not!  A time when family gathers, and at least one politically incorrect relative (perhaps more) will ask questions about your child in front of your child like, “How’s the reading going?”, “Can she read?” or bold statements like, “She should be reading”  and outright lies like, “When I was six I read ‘War and Peace’ for the first time! True Story. Not wait, I was three.”

My friends (I’m sorry but this blog feels like I need to be saying this often), you don’t need to help me to help you.  I just want to help you.


It’s very simple my friends.  You need to go to Amazon or to an actual bookstore where they sell things bound in PAPER.  You head to the kids section and look for any joke book for children.  Don’t worry about being choosey and trying to find the *best* joke book.  The jokes are terrible, but children love them and that is all that counts.  I recently purchased one for my 6 year old and she hasn’t been able to put it down.  Sure, she comes by it naturally – her mother tells bad jokes for a living, but still.  In just three days her reading has sped up, her timing has improved and for the first time ever she is genuinely really excited about reading.

“What do you call a Smelly Santa?”  Farter Christmas!

“Why did the turkey join the band?” Because it had drumsticks!  


She’s read 83 pages of jokes in 4 days.  Okay so it’s not “The Hobbit” but I don’t really care.  If a fart joke or two with a Santa twist leads to a greater interest in reading then I’m all for it.

Joke book recommendations:

  1. Christmas Jokes  – Yule laugh yours-elf silly.
  2. National Geographic Kids – Just Joking!
  3. Knock Knock Who’s There: My First Book of Knock Knock Jokes
  4. The Everything Kids’ Joke Book
  5. How do dinosaurs Laugh out loud? (especially for all those Dino Dan fans)

Let’s be honest….just google “Kids joke book” and buy ANY of them…it doesn’t matter.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that I honor the well crafted joke.  I do.  But my daughter can learn about that later.  For now I will be laughing my face off, which is also a vital social skill for parents in encouraging your child to be awesome.

Get reading bad jokes!



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