The 10 Questions I'm Occasionally Asked By Neighbors, Delivery Men and Soccer Moms

Hello, I’m Jacinda. It’s nice to meet you. Yesterday, Jaime let us into her life with The Ten Questions I’m Always Asked and The Honest Answers I Never Give. Today it’s my turn and honestly, I’m having a bit of an Art Garfunkel, Andrew Ridgeley, Kelly Rowland moment having to follow her beautiful piece. I shall mask my insecurity with humor and so I present The Ten Questions I’m Occasionally Asked By Neighbors, Delivery Men & Soccer Moms, because really, who else is asking me questions? Hopefully this will break the ice and, inspired by Jaime, my eloquent wisdom will begin to flow. After all she is the single-serving-dessert-baking, bang rocking, boss-spooning, partner-in-crime, who has also happened to write 2 beautiful advice books!

But enough about Sasha Fierce, Let’s talk about me.

Your name is Jacinda? How did your parents come up with that one?
My mom found it in a name book. True story. They were going to name me Selena but then I was born and my mom surprised my dad with this jewel. He wasn’t convinced but went along with it. They both, however, agreed that my middle name should be Primavera. Yes, like the pasta. Jacinda Primavera Cannon. They had recently spent some time in Mexico. Now my name is legally Jacinda Cannon Boneau. Thank you marriage! I love you Mom and Dad but seriously? Primavera?

Sometimes when you are tired or drunk, terrible sounds come out of your mouth. What is that about?
For nearly 20 years I have been attempting to kill my dreadful Rhode Island accent. It’s 50% Boston and 50% New York but 100% ear-piercing. Bringing the “R’s” back in wasn’t so hard but the dropped “T’s” have proven more difficult. And then there are words I didn’t even know had R’s in them until adulthood. Did you know that it’s a dresser “drawer” not dresser “draw”? Me either. Give me a few glasses of wine and I turn into the love child of Will Hunting and Woody Allen. That’s not to say that YOUR Rhode Island accent isn’t beautiful. If I can hear it, it probably means that I am right nearby my mama, my beautiful sister, the beach, and a Lobstah Dinnah!

Girl, you have three kids! When do you have time to run Prudent Baby LLC? Do you not sleep?
When Jaime and I started Prudent Baby, I had 2 under 2 at home all the time. I worked during naps and sometimes until 3 AM. For free. But soon we proved that our little business could be our paying dream job and there were responsibilities beyond what I could squeeze in via a text from the playground. Now I work office hours with Friday set aside for fun with the under 5 set, and I make up for those hours on nights and weekends. I love what I do and can’t seem to shut it off.

Girl, you have three kids! Are you done?
Yes? Probably? I don’t know. I am seriously addicted to babies and the idea that I will never again have a tiny little nugget to rock in the dark already breaks my heart. I will definitely be that old lady in the grocery store who looks like she wants to nibble on your newborns toes. I recently packed up my maternity clothes with the intention of donating them. Then I decided that I would just put them in the attic. Then I decided the attic was too far and just put the box back on a shelf in the closet.

It’s just that each of my babies is such a unique little person and the thought that there could be more amazing individual creatures makes me want to meet them. Truthfully, these three kids are already kicking my booty and I have no business having more. But if I do, I shall name them Eleanor and Walt and the nursery would be mint green.

Having babies is lonely business. How did you keep your sanity?
There were two things that saved me when I had my first baby. First I joined Stroller Strides. Every morning, I bounced out of bed and packed the stroller and my kid to exercise with other mamas, all for the promise of a coffee and some pleasant conversation (and fitness I suppose.) 5 years and 2 thousand miles away, I am still friends with that group of amazing mothers.

The second was taking a cake decorating class that I received as a Christmas gift. Mom guilt does weird things to you. It’s hard to set time aside for your own interests when other people are depending on you. Cake decorating, in all it’s domestic-ness, seemed like a worthwhile skill to bring to the family. So every week I set out for a night of learning and creativity and came home with a delicious masterpiece for my husband to take to work. He in turn came home with a collection of thank you’s and compliments from his office and I haven’t put down the pastry bag since.

Decorating cookies and cakes is for insane people. You do know about bakeries, right?
Yes, I know that it may seem crazy to spend so much time creating something that will just get eaten but I think that is the appeal. It’s almost like performance art. You are making a memory. You are presenting something beautiful and delicious for your friends to enjoy and letting them know that this event is special enough to deserve a treat that was painstakingly created for only this very moment. Plus the tools are so cute that I can’t stop collecting.

Your husband is a retired Submarine officer? Thank you for your sacrifice as a military wife.
Actually we didn’t get married until he was in a cushy office job for the last 4 years of service so I never had to experience the separation and fear that come with being a military spouse. While we were dating, I had a taste of it but nothing like what most military families endure. So the praise is passed on to you military wives and mamas. I bow down with respect and gratitude and if you need me to watch your kids while you get your hair did, I am there for you.

When are you moving back to California?/When are you moving back to Rhode Island?
It’s not looking good. 3.5 years ago, my husband retired from the navy and I packed my baby and my pregnant belly up and moved to Texas where he started a small oil company with an old friend. We built a beautiful home that we could only afford in the vast open (read: cheap) land of Texas and settled in for many years of great public schools, ample parking and delicious BAR-B-Q.

I won’t lie, I miss nearly everything about California including my best friends, the culture, the style and, of course, the weather. I’m a coastal girl. Our work at Prudent Baby is beginning to demand that I spend more time there, so maybe I will get my fix of my Jaime and the crispy tuna at Katsu-Ya on longer visits to come. Stay tuned for whether or not Texas can ever truly win over my heart.

It’s not looking good for Rhode Island either. It’s been over two years since we have even visited! I just can’t wrap my head around the logistics of flying alone with three small children. Have you done this? Email me and tell me how because it just doesn’t seem possible. Gordon has never dipped his toes in the brisk waters of the New England Atlantic, he has however dipped his toes in the toilet so you can imagine how wily he would be on a plane. I’m frightened.

I love those shoes, where did you get them?
I have terrible taste in shoes. It has been decided. So now I just buy whatever shoes Jaime has recently purchased. If you like my shoes, chances are that Jaime picked them out, or at least approved them via text pic. We are very co-dependant shoppers.

I love your fabric, will it ever be available in stores?
About a year ago, I combined my passions for sewing and painting and created a line of fabric. It is available on Spoonflower but I’m currently working on licensing the collection so that you can buy yardage at a shop near you. I love designing patterns and finding inspiration in the beautiful places I have lived (starting with Texas!), my travels, vintage finds and (of course) nature, but I hate rejection. Ok, I don’t only hate rejection but I find it crippling. It’s hard to put yourself out there and hear that you aren’t what they are looking for. So I’m in a bit of creative rut, second-guessing my work and avoiding re-submitting my collections. It’s time to stop making excuses, put my work out there and get ready to hear a hundred “no’s” and just one “yes.”


Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful. She can also be found on Babble’s the New Home Ec.

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