The 12 “Dreads” of Christmas (VIDEO)


12 “Dreads” of Christmas

OK. the holidays are here. Christmas is my favorite time of year.  My house looks like the Griswalds x 10,00.  You, literally, can see it from a plane on approach to the Nashville airport. (Not kidding, our house is on the approach flight path).

After cleaning up my sons toys, my husband and I reminded each other that, it’s only going to get worst.  Christmas is coming which means there will be things added to the already unmanageable mess. New toys, clothes, household items, etc.  That was the inspiration to this song.

My mother is in her 80’s and livess on our property.  She stays up all night watching TV and every now and then, we get packages from the latest infomercial or special being run on QVC.  At Christmas, these deliveries become more frequent and whatever it is, winds up under our tree.

Now that we have kids my husband and I hold our breath when gifts are being open.  Though well intended, some gifts are a nightmare. Ex: The keyboard / mix station my Dad got our 3 year old. This thing is so loud and makes so many noises – Oh, and it never turns off.

All this to say, I wrote a song for this upcoming Holiday season. All the Moms out there, I know, can relate.  Please enjoy the 12 “Dreads” of Christmas

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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