The 5 Things You MUST Do At Disney’s Epcot

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 I know a lot of people think “Magic Kingdom” when they think of Disney and rightfully so; after all that’s where the iconic Cinderella’s Castle sits, welcoming all who make their way down Main Street. But as I mentioned before, my family’s been coming to the parks for a long, long time and in that time and though I love all of parks, there is a special place in my heart for Epcot.

You can “travel” to so many parts of the world right in this park, eating your way from one country to another and hey, what’s not to love about that? There are restaurants, food carts, snacks, ales and wines from all kinds of cultures. There’s plenty of Disney-themed fun for the toddlers, tween and teen crowd, too. Your little ones will marvel spotting their favorite characters; yes, even I got “seduced by the coolness” (as Candace of Phineas and Ferb would say) when I was greeted by a few of Disney’s finest.

A must do? Taking in the fireworks! My hint of the day? Try to position yourself facing the exit of the park and watch the fireworks from across the water. Yes, seeing them up close is wonderful, too, but sipping some wine by the water while surrounded by your loved ones is one heck of a way to end a day at Disney.

Those are just some of the reasons I love Epcot. Check out the other “must-do” things if you make your way to my favorite park.

  • Take your picture here! 1 of 5
    Take your picture here!
    When you think of Epcot you think of this, the giant golf ball, as my kids call it. It's actually a very cool ride, called Spaceship Earth a cool ride for all ages, through time and space.
  • Be properly attired 2 of 5
    Be properly attired
    Yep, these ponchos are all the rage. Why? Because if you visit in the summer, you will get rained on. Not maybe, not a decent chance. It WILL happen so be ready for it. Money saving tip: buy the ponchos at any local drugstore to save some cash.
  • Take on Maelstrom. 3 of 5
    Take on Maelstrom.
    While there aren't a lot of rides at Epcot, this is one of them. Maelstrom is sort of a boat ride and sort of a movie, located in the Norway pavilion. As you can see, the Vikings are no match for my son. Um, yeah.
  • Experience the food. 4 of 5
    Experience the food.
    This, ladies and gentlemen is why I love this park so much. Via Nappoli is one of more than two dozen restaurants at the park. It's a great place to sit down, put your feet up and enjoy some real Southern Italian cuisine.
  • And speaking of feet up 5 of 5
    And speaking of feet up
    The one attraction you must not leave the park without trying is Soarin'. This virtual ride lifts you 40 feet in the air while sweeping pictures of gorgeous scenery are projected onto the IMAX screen. It will take your breath away.
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