The Baby Gear Skeletons (In My Closet.)

Bippity? Boppity? Boo? (I wish.)

THERE IS SO MUCH CRAP BABIES USE IN THE FIRST YEAR! Despite my best efforts to downsize and keep it simple (which I believe I did a fairly good job of!) this time around I still ended up with a closet stuffed absolutely FULL of baby gear. Car seat! Swing! Bumbo! Bathtub! Clothes! Blankets and who knows WHAT ELSE!? In an effort to be super productive as summer comes to an end I decided to take on the baby’s closet with every ounce of vigor I had in me. I know for a fact that nothing in there is organized at the moment and things were simply thrown in willy-nilly as she outgrew them. Getting it full was not the hard part, getting it empty was also not the hard part, but the organization? Whoo buddy, THAT is going to be the hard part. (I think? Maybe? I don’t know. We’ll discuss.)

Most baby gear has an expiration of 5 years. Meaning if things go the way they did the first time we’ll be having another baby about 5 years from now (which isn’t all that awful at all.) But does that mean I’m left holding onto an obsolete car seat when I could just sell it while it’s still considered top of the line? Same goes for the swing, bouncer and other baby gear. I’ve heard friends lament about the struggles of “Should the baby gear stay or should it go?” and that’s exactly where I am right now. A lot of what I used with Addie stuck around and gained a second life, while a lot of it ended up getting donated. So much changes so quickly in the baby merchandise industry that it’s hard to keep track of what will still be safe, useful or obsolete by the time (or if you ever) have another baby.


And the clothes! OH THE CLOTHES! I love baby clothes. Every time Vivi has grown out of something I have divided it into one of three piles: keep forever, sell or donate. Given my lack of motivation and my crazy busy schedule at the moment the sell pile is looking more and more like a donate pile. I know there’s better ways to organize all of it than old diaper boxes (especially since I don’t buy diapers anymore, yay cloth!) but I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.

Sure, so I got the closet cleaned out...

At the moment the closet is cleaned out, and I’ve been stalking Pinterest and the storage and organization aisle at the Home Depot five minutes away from my house. I figure the stars will align at some point and all of my organization woes will sort themselves out. Some of the best ideas I’ve found so far have been using her old Moses basket as a toy storage basket downstairs and I use the bassinet from her stroller as a toy storage basket in her bedroom. Empty wipes containers have become the must have item for storing Addie’s crayons and a simple roll away container holds all of Vivi’s sheets and blankets neatly (and out of sight) under her crib mattress. But I need more serious help and there’s going to have to be some serious organizing up in these parts very soon.


For those of you who are in limbo between “Are we done or are we doing this again?” what have you found to be the best way to keep old baby gear around but out of the way?

UPDATED! Ready to see the before and after? WELL HERE YOU GO! It turned out SO WELL!


A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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