The Best Cartoon Crossover Ever!

There is a gentleman named Ken Haeser who has done something that could be given Nobel Prize consideration. When we featured the artist behind these incredible drawings on our site, we knew he deserved attention for this stunning art. So, we present him to you so that you, our Babble friends, might get a chance to fall in love with this guy’s brilliance as we have.

Mr. Haeser, author and artist of such fantastic works as The Living Corpse (given our blog name here, this makes even more sense, right?), and more, has created:


Enjoy nine images from his collection!

  • Kermit as Cyclops 1 of 9
    Kermit as Cyclops
    He's always been known as the de facto leader of the Muppets. Makes total sense to us why he'd be Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops.
  • Miss Piggy as Phoenix (Jean Grey) 2 of 9
    Miss Piggy as Phoenix (Jean Grey)
    Miss Piggy has a dark streak and real trouble controlling herself. So, too, is the case with Jean Grey in all of her iterations, especially as Phoenix.
  • Janice as Emma Frost 3 of 9
    Janice as Emma Frost
    Janice has always freaked me out as a character, but seeing her as Emma Frost... it has softened my repulsion.
  • Fozzy Bear as Beast 4 of 9
    Fozzy Bear as Beast
    Fozzy has a similar humor to Beast, though their educational backgrounds might be a tad different. Love it.
  • Beaker as Magneto & Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as Professor X 5 of 9
    Beaker as Magneto & Dr. Bunsen Honeydew as Professor X
    Bunsen and Beeker have a storied history. The good doctor has blown up Beaker more times than I can count. No wonder this makes sense.
  • Animal as Wolverine 6 of 9
    Animal as Wolverine
    The animalistic passion and raw power that is Animal fits nicely with Logan AKA Wolverine. Both speak in single word, often single syllable answers. They're good like that.
  • Gonzo as The Nightcrawler 7 of 9
    Gonzo as The Nightcrawler
    Between the similar coloring and eccentrically-shaped faces, Gonzo and Nightcrawler could be related. But what of the tail? I've always wondered what animal species he is...
  • Doctor Teeth as Magneto 8 of 9
    Doctor Teeth as Magneto
    Doctor Teeth commands a band like his very own horde of misfits, as does Magneto. So, if the Beaker comparison isn't working for you... Try this one!
  • The Whole Gang 9 of 9
    The Whole Gang
    What other Muppet characters would you like to see Ken Haeser illustrate?

Which cartoons and characters would you love to see combined? Post them here in the comments here. Tell us about ’em!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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