My Favorite French Press Designs

This post is sponsored by Crio Bru.  A selection of French presses were submitted for review from Freiling, Bodum, and BonJour._D706136 - Version 3

I needed to find myself the best French press because – well, I found a new brewed chocolate drink that I am going nuts over.  Have you guys heard of Crio Bru?  Danny and I are new to it and just LOOOVING it. You brew it just like coffee, but it is made of pure, organic, free-trade ground cocoa beans.  It’s naturally LOADED with antioxidants and doesn’t have anything added to it so it’s sugar free, fat free, dairy free, sodium free, and it’s either caffeine free or perhaps it might contain 1/20th of the caffeine in coffee.  Read here for the Top Ten Reasons I love Crio Bru.  You might be shocked at how many health benefits it has.  It really is one of our favorite things to drink.  See here for the top 3 flavors I recommend.

And, after testing out what I consider the best looking French Presses, here are my reviews (I do have a favorite!!):

  • Bodum Chambord 1 of 6
    Bodum Chambord
    We LOVE this French press. It's the first one we tried. It gets really great reviews and I think it's really nice looking. Maybe not quite the rolls royce, but a really, really great option. $43.50 Amazon
  • Bodum Bean French Press 2 of 6
    Bodum Bean French Press
    I love the modern design and the colors available on this one. It functions well and the lid seems quite sturdy. Though while testing the French Presses I realized that personally I do prefer a frame that is not made of plastic. $49.99 on Amazon
  • Bodum Brazil 3 of 6
    Bodum Brazil
    Another really great design from Bodum! It comes in many really great colors. $24.99 from Amazon
  • Freiling Polished Stainless Steel 4 of 6
    Freiling Polished Stainless Steel
    This is our VERY FAVORITE French press we tried!!! I *LOVE* this one. It's just...solid. Since it's made of stainless steel, it is bound to last forever, whereas the glass presses have the risk of breaking. It does cost more money - yes. But if you're going for a piece you could have for years and years, this is the one. Also, this press has a double wall so the brew stays hotter much longer than glass French presses. I also love the simple design. $97.50 Amazon
  • Bonjour French Press Monet 5 of 6
    Bonjour French Press Monet
    I like the classic design of this model. I'll be reviewing the functionality of this shortly and will send in an update. $36.02 on Amazon
  • Bonjour Ami-Matin Unbreakable BPA Free French Press 6 of 6
    Bonjour Ami-Matin Unbreakable BPA Free French Press
    I didn't get to try this one, but for those who really want an inexpensive option, this would be a good one. It is made of plastic, instead of glass. But it is BPA free. Amazon

P.S.  The Top Ten Reasons I Love Crio Bru

Dairy and Mood Swings

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