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If you’ve ever wondered if we read the comments you post at Eating Over The Sink then wonder no further!

We not only read your delightful, often witty, sometimes tear jerky, infrequently douchey, more often then not endearing, hilarious and thoughtful comments, but we then pick a bunch and create a slideshow with photos we find on the internet! (see below).  As you do…

Hope you find these as entertaining as we did. You wrote them after all.

PLEASE keep them coming!

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  • She Should Pitch This To Mattel 1 of 14
    She Should Pitch This To Mattel
    "Top present for baby #1? Pine cone in a coffee can. Open the lid, close the lid. Put the pine cone in, take it out. Shake can. Hours of fun. Top gift for baby #2, who is five years younger? Any unopened toys left over from the first kid, unearthed from the garage, and dusted off. Hey, it's still in good condition!" (Comment from AMY, at The Last Minute Gift: IT'S NOT TOO LATE!)
  • Worst Date Ever 2 of 14
    Worst Date Ever
    "When you and your sense of momtitlement get seated next to me on a plane, I *don't* have a choice. So, depending on how much of a glazed faced little shit factory your particular spawn happens to be, my reaction will range from indifferent to passive aggressive, as in, "Can I offer you a ground up Xanax for the little dear's apple sauce?" That's just me. Other people will have their own reactions, from Kathy Lee to douche nozzle. And so what? Here's the thing: When it comes to how I react to how your choices impact me, YOU don't get a choice. "Fucking deal", yourself." (Comment from HAL, at Dirty Mother 2)
  • The Sex Mobile. Sort Of. 3 of 14
    The Sex Mobile. Sort Of.
    "As my husband pointed out when we purchased our minivan, "hey, there's actually enough room in there to have vehicle-sex!" Not that we've had enough energy, mind you." (Comment from ERIN, at Samantha Bee Enters Her Minivan Years)
  • The Reformed Hippie 4 of 14
    The Reformed Hippie
    "I was raised with beeswax instead of Play-Doh, blocks made out of logs, complete with bark, carob instead of chocolate, and solstice celebrations with silks and Morris dancing. As an adult I love nothing better than to eat Milk Duds while watching "The Bachelorette." Watching organized violence while drinking beer is a close second (go Giants!). Beeswax can suck it." (Comment from IRISH CREAM, at The Gift That keeps On Giving)
  • And Cake…Don’t Forget About Cake 5 of 14
    And Cake...Don't Forget About Cake
    "It took me a loong time to forgive the mothers of the world for not telling me the truth about this whole birthing a child, living with a baby thing. Then I realized, denial is the only defense we have against losing the tiniest sliver of sanity that remains. Denial and wine, of course. They are forgiven." (Comment from LAURA, at All Mother's Are Liars)
  • Our Bad 6 of 14
    Our Bad
    "Yeah, funny ha-ha, but I think it's very insensitive of you guys to make casual jokes about feeding your infants via goat when there are thousands of families in developing countries who can't even afford a goat. Moreover, if any of your privileged, first-world readers read this post and get the idea, "hey, I should get a goat to nurse my babies," and actually act on it, they'll be depriving some baby goats of their mother's milk, and those goats will have to drink formula instead — which, while it may be "perfectly healthy" (as the goat formula industry likes to remind us, constantly), it's NOT the same as natural goat's milk. Just sayin'" (Comment from JANE, at Breastfeeding Can Suck)
  • She Likes Us! She! Really! Really!…Oh Wait. 7 of 14
    She Likes Us!  She! Really! Really!...Oh Wait.
    "So Disney and Babble are in bed with Similac, and now we're getting fed articles that try to tell us that breastfeeding sags your boobs, even though science says it does NOT. GIVE ME A BREAK. Follow the money, Moms. Follow. The. Money." (Comment from THE FEMINIST BREEDER, at Breast Meat)
  • Just Great Advice 8 of 14
    Just Great Advice
    "I couldn't agree more! For all the daughters I will never meet and all of those I will. Do not let anyone ever put you into a box. Funny, smart, beautiful, witty, screwball, goofy, sporty, geeky, nerdy and humble will all fit within you. If you don't believe me, ask your mother's friends what they think of her and you will get a whole new picture." Comment from THERESA ALBERT, at Dear Daughter,)
  • How NOT to Impress Your Mother-In-Law 9 of 14
    How NOT to Impress Your Mother-In-Law
    "We knew we were in trouble when we posted our son's newborn pic on the OBGYNs brag board. We wanted to step it up (those babies all look alike), so we posed Little Bundle O' Joy clutching a half-eaten Snickers bar in one hand and cigarette butt in the other. That was some funny stuff—though, if I had to pinpoint the exact moment in time deterioration of relations began with the M-I-L, I'd have to say right about then." (Comment from DEE, at Irony, Meet Toddler)
  • All Hail Dana! 10 of 14
    All Hail Dana!
    "My husband just left on a year long deployment. He has only been gone three days and already my daughter is eating toilet paper, and right now I think I spotted some cottage cheese in her ear. Budget cut backs, smudget cut backs, the US Govt should supply us all with wine and chocolate. Love LOVE reading your blog.
 (Comment from DANA, at All Hail the Single Mother)
  • Don’t Leave Your Crap At Rachel’s House 11 of 14
    Don't Leave Your Crap At Rachel's House
    "My "babies" are 25, 21, and 18, and your stuff is still hysterical to me! I can't wait to hear what you have to say after you try and read your children my two "favorite" (and I mean that facetiously) books: I Love You Forever and Lady Lovelylocks. You'll find yourself asking for twilight sleep, or maybe even surgery without an anesthesia in order to not ever have to read those again. Of course, your children will love them and ask you to read them over, and over, and over again… until you throw them out when they aren't looking. (Comment from RACHEL, at What To Expect When You Know Nothing)
  • Is That A Panty Liner On The Windshield? 12 of 14
    Is That A Panty Liner On The Windshield?
    "Thanks to a stoned out midnight Toronto to Montreal road trip nearly 40 years ago (OMG!), I now ALWAYS carry with me: a collapsible toothbrush and dental floss, nail clippers, tweezers, bandaids, aspirin, safety pins, panty liners and…blush. (I never got out without blush on.).I am never again going to wake up at 6 a.m. in some semi-seedy hotel with "furry" teeth. No way! (Comment from PAT IN BELGIUM, at You Can Not Fight A Hurricane With Your Fists)
  • We Bet She Could Catch A Fish With Her Hands 13 of 14
    We Bet She Could Catch A Fish With Her Hands
    "I can parallel park while ordering dinner breaking up a kid fight and working on my manicure. I am so badass. (Comment from RACHAEL, at What Makes You Bad Ass)
  • All Hail Momma, All Hail 14 of 14
    All Hail Momma, All Hail
    "How do you do it? I don't know. You don't know. Nobody does. You just do. You love. You laugh. You cry. You succeed. You fail. You just do the best you can. Sometimes it is not good enough. Sometimes it is. (Comment from JENNIFER, at All Hail The Single Mother)



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