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I love watching video tutorials, especially when they involve beauty and hair. Something about watching a woman transform her look right in front of my eyes captivates me completely, however, I do have some requirements for securing my undivided attention. The looks need to achievable and easy-to-follow, the videos need to be relatively well lit and decent quality (so I can see what’s going on), and most importantly, the person in front of the camera needs to get to the point quickly. If I feel an unrelated tangent coming on, I’ll click that little “x” faster than you can blink an eye.

My very favorite makeup tutorials are done by Lisa Eldridge. She embodies everything mentioned above, and her lovely British accent is the cherry on top. You’ll find a few of my favorite Lisa Eldridge videos in this list, as well as tons of other gems from around the internet. Enjoy!

  • The No-Makeup Makeup Look 1 of 20
    The No-Makeup Makeup Look
    This Lisa Eldridge video should be watched by anyone who wants to perfect the "no makeup makeup" look. A great introduction to Lisa's videos.
  • How To Create Fuller Lips 2 of 20
    How To Create Fuller Lips
    Looking to plump up your lips without needles or plumpers? You must watch this video by Michelle Phan. (Michelle's story is incredible. Once turned down from a job at her local department store's Lancome counter, she started filming video tutorials, became a YouTube phenom, and ended up joining the Lancome team as <a href=",default,sc.html" target="blank"their first ever video makeup artist.)
  • How To Apply Eyeliner 3 of 20
    How To Apply Eyeliner
    Marlena from the Makeup Geek shows you how to easily apply several different types of eyeliner in <a href="" target="blank"this informative video.
  • How To Trim Your Own Bangs 4 of 20
    How To Trim Your Own Bangs
    This bang-cutting video is genius. Genius, I say!
  • 4 Makeup Brush Essentials 5 of 20
    4 Makeup Brush Essentials
    I love checking out Karen's website, The Makeup and Beauty Blog. In her trademark fun and breezy manner, <a href="" target="blank"this video breaks down the makeup brush essentials.
  • The Sock Bun 6 of 20
    The Sock Bun
    Coolest party trick ever, and not a bad way to wear your hair or prep it for curls overnight. (I personally stick to one bun at a time, but if Princess Leia is your thing, by all means!)
  • Acne Covering Makeup 7 of 20
    Acne Covering Makeup
    An excellent video demonstrating ways to cover acne with makeup.
  • Create Loose, Natural Waves with a Curling Iron 8 of 20
    Create Loose, Natural Waves with a Curling Iron
    Wait. Who's that? Okay, it's me. I just had to add this video because it will forever change the way you feel about curling irons. (You'll be besties, I promise.)
  • Minimal Makeup with a Rosy Flush 9 of 20
    Minimal Makeup with a Rosy Flush
    A perfect, everyday look that takes virtually no time at all.
  • Another Everyday Makeup Look 10 of 20
    Another Everyday Makeup Look
    I love the girls from Pixi Woo. Sisters (and both mothers), these girls know everything there is to know about makeup. This video features Nicola dishing about her everyday look.
  • Making Small Eyes Appear Larger and Large Eyes Appear Smaller 11 of 20
    Making Small Eyes Appear Larger and Large Eyes Appear Smaller
    The other half of the Pixi Woo sisters, this video features Samantha showing some great tips on using makeup to enhance or play down the size of your eyes.
  • 3 Simple and Beautiful Updos 12 of 20
    3 Simple and Beautiful Updos
    If you haven't watched one of Berlin Hair Baby's hair tutorials, she's a real gem. This particular video walks you through 3 simple and chic updos.
  • Create the Perfect Cat Eye 13 of 20
    Create the Perfect Cat Eye
    Sarah Victor nails the infamous cat eye in this video.
  • A Quick Smoky Eye 14 of 20
    A Quick Smoky Eye
    Not all smoky eye looks need to be super dark and intense, you know. I actually duplicated this look for a night out, and didn't feel like a belonged in a brothel. Holla!
  • An Even Quicker Smoky Eye 15 of 20
    An Even Quicker Smoky Eye
  • How To Apply Powder, Cream and Liquid Blush 16 of 20
    How To Apply Powder, Cream and Liquid Blush
    I do consider myself a blush aficionada, so it would be selfish to keep my tips from you.
  • Adele’s Super Chic Side Bun 17 of 20
    Adele's Super Chic Side Bun
    Another video from Berlin Hair Baby, this look would be perfect for a formal occasion or cocktail party.
  • How To Trim Sideswept Bangs 18 of 20
    How To Trim Sideswept Bangs
    This video by Kandee has saved me from numerous trips to the salon. It's virtually foolproof too - get thee a razor and get to work!
  • A Bronzed, Summer Look 19 of 20
    A Bronzed, Summer Look
    Well, now I just look like a stalker. (Last Lisa Eldridge video, I promise! Her videos are just so so good, people.) Just in time for summer, this is a perfect look to try out. Bronzer lovers unite!
  • Eyebrow Tutorial 20 of 20
    Eyebrow Tutorial
    Tiffany D has some great tips and specific product recommendations for shaping and filling in eyebrows.

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