The Black and White of Capturing Unique and Artful Summer Vacation Photos

Every year we take hundreds of summer vacation photos as we venture away from home during the warm and wonderful months of the season of fun and adventure.  Snapshot after snapshot of new surroundings and scenery, tourist traps and travel spots, landscapes and landmarks; emphasis on snapshots.

When it comes to creating the kinds of compelling vacation photos that are more than mere snapshots, taking into consideration things like perspective, creative composition, and good lighting can help you improve your pictures, of course! But it doesn’t have to end there. Using black and white processing (or even film for that matter!) can bring a timeless and artful angle to your favorite vacation photos.

Consider these 20 typical travel opportunities that you can creatively capture with a little monochromatic magic:

  • Try these classics: 1 of 21
    Try these classics:
  • Tourist Snapshots 2 of 21
    Tourist Snapshots
  • Night Swimming 3 of 21
    Night Swimming
  • Road Tripping 4 of 21
    Road Tripping
  • Landscapes 5 of 21
  • The Family Portrait 6 of 21
    The Family Portrait
  • A Local Landmark 7 of 21
    A Local Landmark
  • Wildlife 8 of 21
  • A Window Seat View 9 of 21
    A Window Seat View
  • Hotel Highlights 10 of 21
    Hotel Highlights
  • Flora and Fauna 11 of 21
    Flora and Fauna
  • The Seaside 12 of 21
    The Seaside
  • Exploration 13 of 21
  • Nature 14 of 21
  • The Summer Sky 15 of 21
    The Summer Sky
  • Airplane RIde 16 of 21
    Airplane RIde
  • Underwater Shots 17 of 21
    Underwater Shots
  • Signange 18 of 21
  • Souviners 19 of 21
  • Travel Documentary Shots 20 of 21
    Travel Documentary Shots
  • Sunset Portraits 21 of 21
    Sunset Portraits

Want some more black and white photo ideas? How about 15 quintessential summer moments that are begging for a black and white make-over?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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