The Cardboard Backyard Camp Out Shack

IMG_1378“I miss the trampoline!!!”  The kids were moaning.

Our beloved trampoline is in need of repairs, and had to be taken down at the end of last summer. The kids miss bouncing on it daily, and they also miss our having our springtime backyard camp out on the trampoline.

How would we make it through Spring Break without our beloved Spring Free Trampoline? Trampoline camp has become a bit of a family tradition.

Four kids, five or more blankets and a pile of pillows, a zoo of stuffed animals, some flashlights and a night under the stars, our recipe for childhood memories.

Now, with the trampoline gone and Spring Break looming, there was no place to camp.

“Yeesh Mom! Why don’t we have a tent?!”  The kids rolled their eyes at me.

“No reason. I’m just not that committed of a camper, I guess. I’m more of an airstream kinda gal.”

They took matters into their own hands. There WOULD be a backyard camp out, trampoline or no trampoline. 

“We’re going to build our own place,” they announced. My daughter marched the boys out to the back yard. Out came rolls of duct tape. Out came the boxes from our new sofa, some markers and crayons and my kitchen shears.

For hours they collaborated in the back yard. I got my work done. I didn’t have to break up any fights. It was like the happy musical bridge in a movie.


Finally their work was done, and they called me out to observe their new digs. So proud.

“Can we sleep out here tonight?” they asked.

Two kids, four blankets, a pile of pillows and a half dozen stuffed animal friends. Flashlights. Huge smiles.

Their first real place. So what if it’s a cardboard shanty? I absolutely let them spend the night.



Article Posted 2 years Ago

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