The Christmas Card Dilemma: Entire Family or Kids Only?

The world has too many choices as it is. Ketchup or mustard? Paper or plastic? Debit or credit? And this December, Caroline and I are reminded of yet another. Should we go with a picture of our entire family on our 2011 Christmas card, or a picture of just the kids?

On paper, it’s really not that difficult of a choice. At least not to Caroline and me. We’ve always been in the “kids only” camp. That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy the cards we receive that feature the entire family. Because we do. In fact, we love any Christmas card. 

I read a couple of pieces last year at this time which contended that the old-fashioned paper Christmas cards were dying out — that people were sending and receiving fewer and fewer such dinosaurs each year.

I certainly hope that’s not the case. Because we love them. And I genuinely don’t believe that is the case, but those articles got me curious. So last year I counted and by the 20th of December, we’d already received around 60 or so. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, y’all, but Christmas cards seem to be alive and well. At least in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Which is good news for us, because we love to send them out. Again, preferably with a picture of only our kids. Here’s the card we sent out in 2007, the year the triplets were born. It features what I believe to be my favorite picture ever:

See? Kids only.

However, by the 2008 Christmas card, the kids-only bit proved a touch trying as we couldn’t get the triplets to stop fussing. So Caroline and I hopped in and the end result looked like this:

See? Nice and calm. But in 2009, we learned that having Caroline and me in the picture was no guarantee that calmness would enuse, as evidenced by the train wreck featured below.

(No, this was not our Christmas card photo — just a random Santa pic we posed for at a Christmas party. Classic though, no?) So given that mayhem might ensue with or without parental intervention, we’ve gone back to our original stance of children only and have found a way to outsmart the system Photoshop, a la our effort last year:

But I wish that we didn’t have to resort to photoshopping or making appearances in our yuletide greetings. Instead, I wish that it could just be like that magical year when Alli posed with the triplets. Especially this year with Grand Finale making his Osborne Christmas card debut. So we’ll probably try to capture lightning in a bottle once again and see if the five of them will cooperate on their own.

And if that doesn’t work, Caroline and I will probably try to hop in there.

And, when all else fails, there’s always photoshop!

So what say you, readers? When it comes to Christmas cards, do you partake? And if so, do you send out photos which feature your entire family or just your kids?

Image: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via Creative Commons 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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