The Comedy Of Errors: Sense of Humor & Marriage (VIDEO)

Learning not to interrupt, one piece of tape at a time.

He Said:

There is nothing like laughing together with someone you like, especially if that someone is the person you got hitched to once upon a time and who now lurks around every corner in your house, constantly reaching for something in the junk drawer in the kitchen while you’re whizzing around trying to make a stir-fry; someone always finding a way to be there, standing on the edge of your eyeball, day in and day out.

Marriage is funny.

It’s insane.

It goes against every single bone of individuality we have in our body, and yet it’s something that we choose to do, because we fall in love and love is the drug, you know?

So, being able to laugh out loud with the person you love isn’t just a nice thing, in my mind. It’s a must. And I don’t mean just being able to laugh at the world-at-large, either. You have to be able to laugh at yourselves, and at yourself, within the confines of sweet holy matrimony.

Even at the worst of times, Monica and I have been able to do that, and that’s why I still dig her even more now than the night we met. Because even when things go dark for a while or turn sour for a bit, there is still so much to laugh at.

All we have to do is look in the mirror and then it all makes perfect sense.


She Said:

Last week we went to see a movie together. Generally we agree on which movies we want to see, mostly we aren’t very picky as we’re just thrilled beyond belief to get out of the house without the little guys and shoot out the door faster than when I was actually in labor with said little guys.

But our reaction to this particular movie was violently different. It got us thinking about how important a sense of humor is within marriage, perhaps the most important thing. Looks fade, hair falls out or grows where you never thought it could, dreams no longer vibrate hotly in our heads but slowly die or exist quietly in a dark corner of our brains we rarely use because it doesn’t involve formula, diapers, naps, tubs and school. Basically, parenting makes us fat and tired – or is that just me?  Point is, if you can laugh about most of it you might just find yourself celebrating your fiftieth anniversary one of these days.

So check it out. Our thoughts on humor within our marriage, what we find funny and not so funny about each other and the name of that movie that had one of us in hysterics while the other one wondered if maybe divorce wasn’t the best answer after all.

Oh yeah. And sorry about the bra. And hey! Did I mention you’re about to witness Serge’s John Travolta impression? Click away!

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