The Day My 5-Year-Old Girl Kissed a Boy

Camila was busy in the dinning room painting a plastic bracelet and embellishing it with rhinestones while I was in my bedroom hurriedly packing a carry-on for a trip I had to take in just a few hours. I heard her little feet run to the room while she screamed, “Mami, I kissed Roberto!”*

Before I could react, she threw herself on top of the clothes I had laid out on the bed and laughed like a little maniac and kept repeating “I kissed him! I kissed him!”

“You kissed who?” I asked, because it was hard to believe she had actually kissed the one boy she literally can not stand since he’s always teasing her and getting in trouble all on his own.

“Roberto! And the teacher didn’t see us!” she proudly exclaimed and kept laughing uncontrollably. I joined in with her laughter and decided I needed to really know the details of this story, so my best bet was to play along and get it out of her.

“What?! That’s so crazy! And where did you kiss him? Here?” I said as I playfully kissed her cheek.

Camila started jumping up and down the bed to hide what was starting to look like embarrassment. “No, not like that!” she said and charged towards me with puckered lips that gently landed smack on my cheekbone, leaving a wet mark I couldn’t dare wipe off.

So she really did kiss him and it wasn’t on the mouth. I hid a huge sigh of relief while I kept playing with her.

“And what did Roberto say? Did he kiss you back?” I just had to ask.

“He didn’t say anything!” she claimed, and apparently that was even more funny to her. Of course, right when I was starting to recover from my baby’s innocent first kiss story, she announced with full certainty, “And tomorrow I’m going to kiss Pablo* in the mouth!”


So now my sweet little girl is on a mission to kiss all the boys in her class on the mouth. Her reason? She wants to marry them and that’s what married people do. Well, at least I’m thrilled she says married people kiss on the mouth and not that they nag and argue all day.

Of course, I told her I didn’t think that was a good idea at all and that I really didn’t want any lips on those pretty lips just yet. She laughed and kept saying she would kiss all the boys in her class on the mouth. A girl on a mission for sure.

Then I said that was just gross and yucky and she would have so many disgusting germs in her mouth. She laughed louder.

I told her that mom and dad would never be able to kiss her on the mouth again. Her laugh filled the room because even she sees the irony in that since we always turn our lips away to give her our cheek when she obsessively tries to kiss us on the mouth.

And so, with one kiss on Roberto’s cheek, we’ve entered a whole new stage in parenting right when kindergarten is about to end. My girl is now into boys and has made the first move to kiss one.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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