The Disney Princess LeapPad2 is Definitely a Top Toy!

I really wished I would have captured on video my 5-year-old daughter’s reaction when I pulled out a brand new Disney Princess LeapPad2 Explorer out of a box to give to her. Basically, she squealed, gasped, and screamed all at the same time. She lunged herself in my direction, grabbed the box out of my hands, threw herself – box and all – to the sofa and bounced up and down for a while.

I had been wanting to get her a LeapPad for the longest time, but had always hesitated because I try to get her as many Spanish-language devices as possible since she’s learning to read and write in Spanish in the dual immersion school she attends. The LeapPad is definitely the #1 learning tablet for kids, but in the past it had few language-learning apps.  I’m glad to see they are now offering many French and Spanish apps, including one of our faves – Little Pim!

Since the LeapPad is one of the Top Toys this Holiday season, and the Disney Princess Bundle edition, exclusive to Target, is especially coveted, I wanted to make sure we got our hands on one now to be able to review and give you the scoop from our own perspective, or rather, my girl’s perspective. She just had to, as in really wanted, to do a video to show it to you. So here it is:

The first thing to keep in mind if you’re gifting a LeapPad2 to an impatient child is that you need to make sure you have four AA batteries because the box doesn’t come with them. Once we put the batteries in, my girl was able to start playing with it immediately since it has a handful of built-in apps like Music, Books, ArtStudio, and PetPad.

My girl was able to personalize her LeapPad by adding her name on her account (you can have separate accounts to track each player’s progress), taking her picture with the built-in camera with front and back rotations and choosing her favorite princess to appear on the wallpaper.

Meanwhile, I downloaded and set up the LeapFrog Connect app onto my computer’s desktop so we could register her device and set up an account to redeem the two free apps that come with the Disney Princess bundle and browse the Learning app store for more fun and educational apps.

Downloading the apps was very easy, intuitive and fast. The best part is that she could keep playing with the LeapPad2 while the apps were downloading, though it had to stay connected via the USB cord until the download was complete.

While I knew she would enjoy playing and exploring the LeapPad2, I had no idea I would also be captivated by all the information about my girl’s playing and learning experience available for me on LeapFrog Connect. This portal isn’t only to access new apps for my girl, but also where I can sneak a peek at how her learning is going, customize the math and language skills I want her to be learning with each game, and even create and print  awards to continue encouraging her learning.

What my girl has loved the most, in her own words, is that “I can play whatever I want because this is my LeapPad, right?”. And, yes, she’s right. It’s all hers to create the movies, pictures and art she wants. It’s hers to listen to whatever music she wants, once we’ve downloaded it together. It’s her’s to play any of the games we’ve downloaded and customize what she can, how she can.

No doubt that if you’ve been considering the LeapPad2 – a Target Top Toy – as a gift for your special little one, neither one of you will be disappointed. The Disney Princess bundle we got from Target just adds magic and glitter to an already amazing toy experience.

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Good luck! 

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