The Disney Shows I Still Totally Miss

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I got really excited when my kids graduated from the cartoon Disney staples to the more live action shows. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the cartoons are great, but the older kid shows really up the plot line interest for me.

But it does make me a touch weepy to realize that they won’t grow up on the same Disney favorites that shaped my childhood. From Lizzie to Baloo the loveable pilot, I miss those guys.

My husband and I have been slowly building a collection of our 90’s favorites to share with the kids, and I don’t know who’s more excited about it: us or them.

Us. The answer is us.

I simply can’t live in a world where Drake Mallard does not exist.

How’s our collection coming along?

  • Darkwing Duck 1 of 6
    Darkwing Duck

    When there's trouble just call D.W.

    You can't tell me you didn't jut sing that in your head. Darkwing Duck, the OG Dark Knight, was a before-school staple for me!

  • Lizzie McGuire 2 of 6
    Lizzie Mcguire

    True story: I've based a large part of my parenting on ma and pa McGuire. I adored Lizzie and her awesome fashion, and sometimes, I even pretended to have my own little cartoon inner monologue.

    And by sometimes, I mean still.

    image courtesy FanPop

  • Tailspin 3 of 6

    I was never really a Jungle Book fan, but this reincarnation was a huge hit for me. Plus, how fabulous was Rebecca's pin up hair!?

  • Bonkers 4 of 6

    Sometimes I think, was Bonkers really a thing, or did I just imagine it or hit my head too hard? No, it was totally real, and for some reason, a bobcat working in law enforcement was a legitimate form of entertainment to me.

  • Goof Troop 5 of 6
    Goof Troop

    Could Goofy survive a life in suburbia, without his trusting mouse and duck sidekicks and outlandish adventures? Totally, and he was the coolest dad ever.

    image courtesy Moveedo

  • Kim Possible 6 of 6
    Kim Possible

    Before Perry the Platypus, there was Kim Possible and her trusty sidekick Ron and his naked mole rat, Rufus. Naked mole rat > Platypus. Sorry, Perry.

    image courtesy fanpop

What are we missing?


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