3 Ways the Emmys Showed They Know the Emmys are Dead

I watched the Emmys last night, but I watched because I love social media, not because I think the Emmys are relevant. Twitter lets us share a live experience, hear what others think about the dresses/nominees/winners/inanity of Jimmy Kimmel’s filler, and to me that’s fun.

Sure awards shows in general, and the Emmys in particular, have grown tiresome and suspect in and of themselves. But social media fun has saved them for me thus far. Twitter is funnier than the actual show, and is more relevant, because Twitter, Facebook and blogs are where I have already learned about and shared my enthusiasm for this year’s stellar television content.

Downton Abbey? Check. Breaking Bad? Yo, check. Mad Men? Fat Betty and Zou Bisou Bisou check check check.

It’s never been clearer  that the Emmys were dead than last night. Even the Emmys know that the Emmys are dead:

1. The Social Media Prank that Failed. Tracy Morgan took to the audience floor, pretending to be passed out, while host Kimmel commanded the audience to Tweet a lie to help him pull a prank via social media. Was is supposed to cause widespread panic among though on Twitter who weren’t watching the show, prompting them to dial in? It was silly and pointless and flopped. Morgan stayed on a stage for too many beats too long, and then was hauled off. Such a perfect analogy for the Death of the Emmys. Out-of-touch, not funny, not well integrated with social media.

Tom plays along. He's a good sport.

2. Kimmel’s In Memoriam Parody. Okay, this was in horrible taste. Kimmel said something about the importance of celebrating the living as well as those who have passed and proceeded to show a tribute to himself to the strains of “What Makes You Beautiful.” Who let this happen? The meta irony of this DOA bit is the only thing that’s funny here.

3. Kimmel’s Own Twitter Feed For the Emmys Pronounced the Emmys Dead. That fact about sums it all up.

Kimmel Pronounces The Emmys As Irrelevant Via Twitter
The Emmys also would have been a lot funnier if you weren't allowed to speak.

They tried, bless their hearts they tried. E’s Live From the Red Carpet show tried to Pinterest-it up with an abomination called a Mani-Cam where performers were reduced to claw-handed tarantulas.  Instagram blew up with both official and unofficial shots.  But the show? The only reasons to watch are the dresses with their live-action cleavages, and for the fun of sharing a live-telecast with friends from around the continent. Is that enough to keep the Emmys, or any other award show, on life support in the age of social media?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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