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Since we are smack dab in the middle of remodeling our house I find myself dwelling on things that would normally rarely cross my mind. For example, this thought has been haunting me: Is the new porcelain tile in my foyer going to get slippery when it gets wet?

Don’t laugh! I am traumatized. Ned Stark is right, winter is coming and I have two 8-year-olds that will elect to tromp right through the snow in yard instead of walking an extra 30 feet to the driveway and painstakingly shoveled dry path. I know when they walk in the snow will melt and become treacherous puddles.

I might be dramatizing this a bit, but I really, really hate emergency rooms.

Also, I’d love to keep my new floor pretty and clean.

I looked at a ton of pretty area rugs online. Even non-Persian Persian rugs cost an arm and a leg, and while they are pretty, they won’t stand up to front door type traffic. When you really think about how many times a day a family of four goes in and out the front door, you have to think about durability.

My husband found the perfect thing at The Home Depot.

Okay, we didn’t really buy that one, but we could have. They sell it at The Home Depot. If it wasn’t so pink there is a chance it would have been ours. I mean, now that I am almost 40 I doubt we would have put it by the front door, but we also have a garage entrance. It totally works there.

We never have to speak of that again if you guys don’t want to.

See, know the rug we really got seems anticlimactic, but it rules. Here is where I leave you hanging on the edge of your seats. I have the rug, but I can’t show it to you because a guy is painting my foyer and I can’t find a picture of the exact rug online.

First world problems, I know. But consider this, you have probably never read a post about rugs with a cliffhanger before. So until Friday …


* * *

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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