The First 10 Weeks

My daughter Bee celebrated her 10 week birthday this past Tuesday. And yes, that’s not necessarily a significant birthday of any sort, but for me? I’m so incredibly proud of this journey we’re taking together. It’s been a tough road with a few bumps, but we’ve arrived. And we’re still arriving.

Looking back over the first few weeks of Bee’s life, I’m realizing that we’ve been through so many transitions together – the good, the bad and the oh so confusing. And in honor of hitting the 10-week mark, I’m recapping what this newborn haze is all about – week by week. Behold, real entries from the real diary of a real new mother (me!):


Week One
OMG did I just birth that? I’m amazing! I’m superwoman! The journey is complete! I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but yes! We did it!

Week Two
Can I be pregnant again? Because when I was pregnant, my nipples didn’t bleed. And I didn’t have people coming in and out of my house to marvel at this baby that won’t stop screaming at me every night between the hours of 6 and 10pm.

Week Three
The fridge is empty. I need those people to come back, please.

Week Four
Finally. I think I have this nursing thing figured out. And my baby just slept through the night! Gosh, that was way easier than I thought. I can totally do this.

Week Five
I’m a moron. Clearly, that sleeping-through-the-night song was a one hit wonder. She’s never going to sleep again. I’m never going to sleep again. Also, where are those people with all the food again?

Week Six
OK nursing got weird again. Is it nipple confusion? Cluster feeding? Is my milk supply low? Am I weaning her? And why does this game keep changing?

Week Seven
OMG she smiled. I melted. She smiled and I melted. I can totally do this.

Week Eight
Couldn’t make the crying stop. I broke down and bought a baby swing, which I said I would never do. And now I have no idea why I said I wouldn’t do it, because baby swings are sent from heaven.

Week Nine
She’s still sort of a train wreck, but I can do this. We can do this. She hasn’t had a screaming fit in days. Could it be true? Could I actually have a happy baby that doesn’t drive me nuts?

Week Ten
We’re in a rhythm, baby and me. We’re a team. A team that took a really long time to form, but now that we have, we’re unstoppable. Here’s to an undefeated season.

And baby swings.


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