The First Rule of Angry Birds

The first rule of Angry Birds is you do not talk about Angry Birds.

Oh, wait! I must be confused, as it seems ALL my 5-year-old does is talk about Angry Birds. Red birds, black birds, exploding birds, boomerang birds….aahhhhheeeeeeeeee, wheeeeeeeeeeee, why all the weird sounds, people?

In actuality, I really don’t mind the game. It’s not violent (although “I KILLED THE PIG” isn’t my favorite thing to hear while winding down with my children at the end of the day), it’s a bit more interactive than, let’s say, zoning off into the world of The Fresh Beat Band while munching snacks on the couch, and it does help with fine motor skills. (Was that a stretch? Think so!)

Honestly, my major hangup with Angry Birds is that my 5-year-old is better than I am. I mean, he just breezes past the levels while I stare at the screen flustered, eventually succumbing to some website with all the cheats spelled out for me. How can this be? I am a grown woman! With all sorts of Pong/Atari/PacMan/Donkey Kong skills! HOW CAN THIS BE, I SAY?

Maybe it’s because he loves Angry Birds much more than I do. He feels those birds very deeply, so much that he begged me for weeks to buy the Angry Birds collectible plush set. Now, we normally abide by a No Plush rule at our house, but I totally gave in for Valentine’s Day. I’m such a sucker, but my goodness, he loves those plush birds.

As I was passing his room a few days ago, I heard him reenacting the game, sound effects and all. (If you aren’t familiar with Angry Birds, please refrain. This will make no sense whatsoever.)


Now, is it just me or are his specific bird noises spot on? I think I’ve got a voiceover artist on my hands.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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