The Flooring Winner: Converting Our Garage Into a Playroom

A couple weeks ago I shared about trying to choose a flooring solution for the garage in our new home. One way that we have solved this space dilemma of having four kids in a small house is to use our garage as a playroom. In our new home, the garage is located just off the kitchen, which means that I can watch the kids play as I’m cooking.  I think it will be a great space for them.  This is what it looked like a month ago:

When we bought the house the flooring was just poured concrete.  It had some oil stains, and was in pretty rough condition. Also, concrete is not exactly the surface I really want my kids playing on.  I went to Home Depot in search of a solution and found these  carpet tiles, and decided they would be the perfect solution.

First, I grabbed some samples to try to determine which I liked best.  I was a fan of several of the colorways and textures.  It came down to a tie between these three:


I think any of these would have worked well, but I went with the first one because it had the most color variation.  I decided we would install it in a checkboard format, alternating vertical and horizontal squares.

I’m dying to install the flooring throughout the garage, but as we’re in the middle of a remodel it has become a work space and isn’t quite ready.  I did lay down a few tiles in the laundry corner, though, and I’m loving how they look.

I’ll post some before-and-after shots when we get the whole thing finished!

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