The Holidays: A Great Time To Teach Kids To Give Back

Giving back during the holidaysThe true spirit of the holidays for my family lies in showing thankfulness, rejoicing in the love we share and giving back to the community. As parents, my husband and I have always tried to teach our children that we need to show gratitude and generosity, especially with those who aren’t as fortunate as we are.

Aside from volunteering to cook Thanksgiving meals as a family, delivering food to elderly people in our community, and donating to several charities, we always make it a point to remember the children who might not receive a gift during Christmas or Hanukkah. We participate in the many toy drives that local schools, supermarkets and organizations have, and divide up our donations to spread the holiday cheer.

This year I feel especially blessed because thanks to my collaboration with Target here on Babble, we will be able to bring a smile to two children when they receive one of the top toys of this holiday season. My kids chose to donate the Hexbugs Warriors Battle Zone Playset and the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll, because they were at the top of their lists and they want other children to receive them.

My children have also picked some other favorites, such as puzzles and video games, which we have purchased over the past 2 months specifically to donate during the holidays. We don’t use this as a time to clean out closets. We use this opportunity to give what we would like to receive.


5 Tips if you wish to give back during the holiday season

If you want to give back, too, here are a few tips:

  • If you will be participating in a toy drive, make sure to take new, unwrapped toys. Organizers need the toys to be unwrapped so they can see clearly what the gift is and which ages it is appropriate for.
  • Gift cards are also a great idea. Charitable institutions can put your gift card to great use, either to purchase gifts or supplies or to allow children in need to purchase something for themselves. When donating gift cards, aim for a minimum of $10.
  • Some charities have specific lists and needs. Call or email them directly so you can donate what’s most urgent.
  • There’s strength in numbers. Enlist your friends, family, and coworkers to do a joint effort and do your own toy drive.
  • Your time is valuable, too. If your budget is extremely tight this year, find out if you can volunteer to help organize a holiday party or donating your time.


If you know a family in need, there’s even more great news. Nominate them in the comments section below so they can win a set of 20 toys from Target.

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Want this toy? You’re in luck! Every single day leading up to the holidays a blogger will be giving away a toy! Simply comment below for your chance to win a Barbie Photo Fashion Doll.

Do you know a deserving family, school, or charity this holiday season? We’re giving away one grand set of 20 toys from Target, including those mentioned in this post! To nominate, simply comment and tell us why you’ve selected them! 

A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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