The Insider’s Guide to Lady Size Bathing Suits

My family and I spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer and we love it. And believe it or not – the pool will be open THIS WEEKEND. But there’s one issue – buying a bathing suit. I hate to get all stereo-typical female on you guys, but I despise doing it. I love to swim and I spend more time in a bathing suit and cover up than I do in regular clothes. So every summer I need a couple of good, well fitting suits that look snazzy but cover up my stuff, including my rather generous portion of bosom.

Some things you should know about me: I’m a four sizes larger on the top than on the bottom (because of the aforementioned generous boobage), which makes me hard to fit.  I’m a cheapskate and I hate to spend more money than I need to. Also, I hate trying on bathing suits with the fiery passion of 10,000 suns.

I hope that my research will help some of you avoid some changing room unpleasantness. Let’s check out my suggestions for where to shop and what to buy. I picked four stores that everyone is likely to have near them and that also do a lot of online options: Target, Old Navy, Land’s End (you can buy their stuff at Sears) and Walmart. I told you I didn’t like to spend money.

  • Let’s check out some suits! 1 of 14
    Let's check out some suits!
    We'll start at Target because that's where I always start.
  • Target Periwinkle one piece $44.99 2 of 14
    Target Periwinkle one piece $44.99
    This is a stylish and very flattering suit. I love the color, too. But because I have so much going on upstairs, I needed to try on this suit in a really big size to fit my girls, which means it was loose around the waist and bottom. That means it might look saggy when it's wet. It's OK to cringe at that image.

    This very cute suit is a great option for people with proportional bodies (top & bottom) but not for folks like me.

    Find it at Target.
  • Target Black and White one piece $39.99 3 of 14
    Target Black and White one piece $39.99
    This suit works for me because it enhances the good parts of my build, works with my jugs and is a slenderizing suit. Plus I loved the price. It works best for people with longer torsos, though. It might not be a good fit for women with an "apple" shape, as it will make them look a little more round, which they may be trying to de-emphasize.

    Find it at Target.
  • Target Amethyst Tankini Top $26.99 4 of 14
    Target Amethyst Tankini Top $26.99
    Love the color and all that gathering is really flattering on my somewhat lumpy mid-section (I had 3 kids in 5 years so reality). Plus 2 piece bathing suits make bathroom breaks a lot easier as I learned when potty training my daughters, so I'm pro-tankini.

    Find it at Target.
  • Old Navy Green Medallion print two piece $39.94 5 of 14
    Old Navy Green Medallion print two piece $39.94
    This pattern and style are really, really cute. Plus it looks a lot like many of it's more expensive counterparts but it's comparatively inexpensive. If you're built like me and are one size on top and a different size on the bottom, tankinis are a good way to a get a custom fit.

    Find it at Old Navy.
  • Old Navy Retro Navy Polka Dot one piece $49.99 6 of 14
    Old Navy Retro Navy Polka Dot one piece $49.99
    Ok, seriously. How stinking cute is this bathing suit? LOVE.

    Find it at Old Navy.
  • Old Navy Beige Cross Front one piece $49.99 7 of 14
    Old Navy Beige Cross Front one piece $49.99
    This is really flattering and an unusual color which oddly enough, makes my tan skin look sort of glowy. It shows a lot of cleavage, though - so this is one suit those of use with ample bosom should try on first.

    Find it at Old Navy.
  • Lands End cross front slender suit $134 8 of 14
    Lands End cross front slender suit $134
    It's expensive, I know. It's actually really expensive. But it's also awesome. I always wait until these suits go on sale and then I find a coupon or discount code and get them for less.

    But here's why this suit (my all time favorite, I have two in different colors) is worth it: it's a slenderizing suit that is also really comfortable. It has a built-in bra than you can customize to your cup size (even mastectomy). Because you can customize the cup size on top, this suit is really great for hard to fit bodies like mine. It's extremely flattering on a variety of body types and shows just the right amount of cleavage. It actually fits me top and bottom, which is very hard for me to find in a one piece.

    Find it at Land's End.
  • Lands End tunic suit $144 9 of 14
    Lands End tunic suit $144
    This swim dress works for all the same reasons that the Land's End tank suit does, but it provides slightly more coverage downstairs. The fact that it's a swim dress is yes - a little matronly. But it's retro styling and sweetheart neckline make it more cute and less grandma.

    Find it at Land's End.
  • Lands End custom bra size X back tankini top $74 10 of 14
    Lands End custom bra size X back tankini top $74
    This tankini top is really pretty and you can customize the cup size to get a good fit. Awesome.

    Find it at Land's End.
  • Walmart Suddenly Slim Navy 1 piece $34.96 11 of 14
    Walmart Suddenly Slim Navy 1 piece $34.96
    This suit looks a lot like it's more expensive counterparts and is super, super cute. I love this retro navy pattern. It's a slenderizing suit, too.

    Find it at Walmart.
  • Walmart Black and White colorblock swim dress $34.96 12 of 14
    Walmart Black and White colorblock swim dress $34.96
    I like this suit because it provides a lot of coverage and is flattering. There's a heaping portion of cleavage showing for me, though. Also, the thing about swim dresses is when they get wet, the skirts get all weird and clingy. As someone who goes to the pool to swim (as well as sit around), I don't like that.

    Find it at Walmart.
  • Walmart halter tankini top $13.88 13 of 14
    Walmart halter tankini top $13.88
    You just can't beat this top for style and value. It looks almost identical to tops that cost five times as much.

    Find it at Walmart.
  • Walmart Retro shortini $34.96 14 of 14
    Walmart Retro shortini $34.96
    I picked this one because it's cute and unusual. So many suits this year are retro-themed and this one fits that perfectly. It's also a slimming suit that has tons of coverage on the bottom. Some people may not like it though, because it looks as much like an outfit as a bathing suit. But still - an interesting and affordable option!

    Find it at Walmart.

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